Will Jordan operate its airlines with Syria soon?

Will Jordan operate its airlines with Syria soon?
Will Jordan operate its airlines with Syria soon?
4 hours ago

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The Jordanian authorities have denied any current intention to operate any direct flights between Jordan and Syria, or vice versa at the present time.

The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Jordanian Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission, Haitham Misto, announced at the present time that the Kingdom is always seeking to increase the number of airlines that it brings together with various countries of the world, with the aim of enhancing economic openness and supporting the wheel of growth, as aviation is possible and an engine of the economy.

Mesto said, during a meeting with a number of journalists at the Ministry of Transport today, Sunday, as reported by the official Jordanian news agency Petra, that the Jordanian party has signed more air transport agreements with countries of the world, noting that they “constitute the cornerstone for the operation of airlines between Jordan and the countries of the world.” the scientist”.

He also confirmed the intention of Turkish Airlines to start its flights to Aqaba early next year, because Aqaba represents an attractive destination for many international airlines, and the exemptions and benefits it offers that support travel movement.

This comes after Royal Jordanian Airlines, the kingdom’s official carrier, said in September that it would resume direct flights to Damascus for the first time in nearly ten years, which would have been the latest step to restore comprehensive economic relations with Syria.


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