Hezbollah has “exceeded its limits”, nor does its Iranian colonial power

The Grand Mufti of Mount Lebanon, Sheikh Muhammad Ali Al-Jozo, stressed, in a statement today, that “Lebanon is a symbol of freedom, chivalry and honour, so we saw what happened in Ain al-Rummaneh and Tayouneh from an uprising against the barbarism that appeared in demonstrations that challenge the entire people, not only Christians.” And he believed that “Hezbollah exceeded its limits in an attempt to extend its authority as a colonial power that owes allegiance to Iran, so the response was strong and harsh, and the intense shooting and the fall of a large number of martyrs who did not deserve to die in this way.”

He said: “We are against shooting and being dragged into a sectarian war that eats everything and takes us back… No to civil war, No to Hezbollah’s extension of its authority over the people as an Iranian colonial power. No to provoking the Lebanese everywhere… The Lebanese are a free people who do not remain silent on An affliction, and what happened in Ain al-Rummaneh and Tayouneh is evidence of that.”

He concluded: “It remains for us to say to the state, Hand off the Arabs of Khaldeh, for they were victims of the arrogance and arrogance of Hezbollah’s soldiers. The state must release the detainees from the sons of Khaldeh, because they were in the position of the victim and the one who defends his existence.”


Hezbollah exceeded limits Iranian colonial power

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