Securing bicycle paths with artificial intelligence in Dubai

Securing bicycle paths with artificial intelligence in Dubai
Securing bicycle paths with artificial intelligence in Dubai

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The Roads and Transport Authority is participating in the presentation of solutions (Artificial Intelligence Technologies in Bicycle Paths) as part of its participation in GITEX Technology Week 2021, as an embodiment of the concept developed by (Evotech), and this initiative aims to make roads safer for cyclists by adopting digital solutions To make a beneficial impact on people’s lives.

By the end of 2020, the Roads and Transport Authority has implemented bike paths extending 463 kilometers, and the authority intends to increase the length of bike paths to 739 kilometers by 2026, with the aim of linking the most vital areas in the emirate with various public transport stations.

During GITEX Technology Week, a live demonstration of the concept developed by (Evotech) will be presented at the RTA’s pavilion at the exhibition, in conjunction with the implementation of the first phase of it on the cycling track in Nad Al Sheba.

Mohammed Al Mudharreb, Executive Director of the Corporate Technical Support Sector at the Roads and Transport Authority, said: “When designing the smart bike path, modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning were taken into account, and the data collected by Internet of Things technologies was analyzed to contribute to the discovery of cyclists and hikers, including enthusiasts. Joggers and scooter riders on the track. The system also determines the current lane occupancy rate and the speed of the bikes and shows if they are wearing safety helmets. Moreover, the system employs smart prediction techniques to avoid lane congestion and collisions, in addition to alerting the relevant authorities of the increased risks based on the analyzed data.”

Jihad Tayara, CEO of Evoteq, said: “Through the first phase of the proof-of-concept implementation, we focused on four key features to test the solutions: cyclist detection test, safety helmet use detection test, speed detection test, and lane occupancy test. After that, we developed an expanded project roadmap for the full-track journey for cyclists to ensure their safety and improve their experience.”

Tayara added, “The solution will help support the government’s efforts to make Dubai a bike-friendly city, as well as promote cycling as a form of sport and fitness activities. We are pleased to be part of the endeavors aimed at making the government’s initiatives successful to ensure the highest levels of road safety, in line with the vision of our wise leadership.”

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