Daniela Weiss in a message to Bennett: “We are not ready to settle for existing localities”

Daniela Weiss in a message to Bennett: “We are not ready to settle for existing localities”
Daniela Weiss in a message to Bennett: “We are not ready to settle for existing localities”

After several months of land surveying, in the middle of the week, the Civil Administration confirmed that 60 dunams of the area on which the Eviatar settlement sits are state lands on which a settlement can be established. The relative success with Eviatar gave a boost to the Nahala movement, which held a strengthening event for the settlement nuclei on Shabbat. 300 people held a Shabbat in the “Uri-Ad” hill near the locality of Kedumim in Samaria, together with members of the movement and members of the settlement nuclei, in a call to go outside the existing localities and establish additional localities.

Nahala movement chairman Daniela Weiss, who complimented Prime Minister Naftali Bennett after signing Eviatar’s compromise outline, also attended on Saturday, saying: “We have now finished a very happy Shabbat. “There is no joy like sitting in the Land of Israel,” you really see it with your own eyes. It is very exciting for me to see so many families and youth from all over the country come here simply to connect to Israel. “

Weiss added a message to the prime minister: “Our message inside and out is clear: especially at a time when the Arabs are trying to build a de facto Palestinian state, we are not ready to settle for existing settlements, and demand the establishment of new settlements in Judea and Samaria.” And all the wonderful youth who came here with a burning fire in their chests, that’s what he expects. “

Arbel Zack, a resident of Kedumim and a member of the Uri Ad nucleus, said: “We established the nucleus eight months ago, out of an awakening and a great desire to build the country and protect the territories from Arab takeover. The nucleus was started by some youth and several families. Today, “After activities and thinking sessions, there is a welcome discourse on the idea of ​​Oriad, and the nucleus already numbers 35 families at a different level of activity.”

“Everyone in the community already knows the point,” Zack continued, “We have paved a path to the place, and the nucleus plans to break through hiking trails to other wonderful places near the point, and with the help of the name establish a new neighborhood for Kedumim soon and leave the area with the people of Israel.”

Friday at Uri Ad Hill | Photo: Farm spokeswoman

Elisha Yafin, one of the youths who organized the Shabbat, said: “We started working on the Shabbat early last week – food, logistics, advertising, content, and what not. Thank God it was a bomb Shabbat, good formation with new guys. But most importantly, a long time I did not feel so connected to the Land of Israel. “

Photo: Farm spokeswoman

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