How to buy Riyadh season tickets through the Tawakkalna app

How to buy Riyadh season tickets through the Tawakkalna app
How to buy Riyadh season tickets through the Tawakkalna app

The organizers of the “Riyadh Season 2021” are finalizing the launch of the largest entertainment festival in the Saudi capital, on October 20, and will continue until March 2022.

Under the slogan “Imagine More”, the exceptional season will open with a parade, in a huge global event, in which international artists and performance vehicles will participate, and a concert will be held by the international artist Pete Paul on the opening stage.

Riyadh season app

The Entertainment Authority made it possible to purchase tickets for the largest season’s events, electronically, through the “Riyadh Season” application, by following the following steps:

Log in to the Google Play website.

Download the Riyadh Season 2 application.

– Create a user account.

– Choose the event that the user would like to attend.

– Log in to Ticket Mx to complete the booking procedures.

– Pay for the ticket through Mada prepaid system.

Link to book “Riyadh Season 2” tickets on Android from Google Play.

The link for booking “Riyadh Season 2” tickets on the iPhone from the Apple Store.

Where to sell “Riyadh Season 2” tickets

You can also buy tickets by visiting the following places: Al Salam Mall, Al Nakheel Mall, Hayat Mall, Roshan Mall, Riyadh Park Mall, and Panorama Mall.

Link tickets with our trust

The General Entertainment Authority and the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority “Sdaya” signed an agreement to provide the service of linking tickets for entertainment events to the “Tawakkalna” application, and to adopt it as an official way to enter entertainment events.

Under the agreement, ticket service providers approved by the General Entertainment Authority will be linked to the “Tawakkalna” application, so that the tickets purchased by the beneficiary will appear on the application, in addition to benefiting from digital services in providing tickets for entertainment activities electronically. The agreement contributes to enriching the experience of visitors to events and entertainment facilities in a fast and smooth implementation, and achieving the reliability that characterizes the “Tawakkalna” application.

How to add tickets

The General Entertainment Authority had stressed that the entry of any event in the “Riyadh Season” after purchasing tickets should be linked to the “Tawakkalna” application.

While “Tawakkalna” confirmed through its official account on the “Twitter” website, that tickets can be added to the application in two ways, namely:

Method 1: Direct linking after purchasing a ticket or group tickets as follows:

– Click to share it with the “Tawakkalna” application.

– The ticket will appear via Event Services.

The second method: Linking through the “Tawaklena” code after purchasing a ticket or a group of tickets through the following:

– You will be asked to enter the “Tawakkalna Code”.

Go to the “Tawakkalna” app, then click on the “Tawakkalna” icon.

Click on Generate Code.

– Enter the code.

– The ticket will appear via Event Services.

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Steps to assign tickets to another user

And the official account of “Tawakkalna” on “Twitter” published an infographic, explaining the steps for transferring the ticket to another user, through the following steps:

– View the event tickets you wish to assign.

– Click on Assign Tickets.

– You can assign the ticket to one of your affiliates added in the application or by using the Tawakkulna code of the person you wish to assign the ticket to.

Competitive ticket prices

Earlier, the General Entertainment Authority drew attention to the competitive prices of tickets for the season’s activities, pointing out that they amount to about 40% compared to the events held in the rest of the world and the region.

It is noteworthy that the “Riyadh Season” in its first edition achieved a resounding success, as the number of its visitors exceeded 10 million, and witnessed entertainment and sports activities, and a variety of theatrical and musical performances, in addition to circuses, auctions, games, safari trips, restaurants and cafes, and international brands, and specialized exhibitions.

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