A “suspicious” recording around the port of Beirut… Hezbollah’s terrorism is inexhaustible

A “suspicious” recording around the port of Beirut… Hezbollah’s terrorism is inexhaustible
A “suspicious” recording around the port of Beirut… Hezbollah’s terrorism is inexhaustible

The Lebanese and the families of the Beirut port victims were surprised by a “suspicious” video of the spokesman for the victims’ families, Ibrahim Hoteit, calling on the judicial investigator to step down.

Hoteit, who appeared to read a paper written in a tape that spread on social media, addressed the judicial investigator in the case, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar, saying, “We put our blood in you, but what happened indicates politicization and flagrant discretion.”

It was remarkable in the statement that he read, linking the American intervention to the course of the investigation, as he said: “We condemn the blatant American interference in the case and the investigation, as America has never supported any case except for its own malicious interests, and we also reject all attempts to internationalize the case, especially that in Lebanon we have a bad experience with International Courts.

Hoteit used the same phrases that Hezbollah uses in his speech, and read a written message in which he saluted Hezbollah, which prompted the followers to confirm that the tape was recorded under intimidation and pressure.

His gestures in the video raised doubts about his being threatened and pressured, which prompted him to make this statement before trying to contain the storm of astonishment, by saying that what he said expressed his personal position.

Hoteit, a few hours before the tape was published, gave a press interview representing his position, in which he attacked the former Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil and expressed his adherence to the investigation and the judicial investigator.

And he said in the interview: “The suspicious almost said, ‘Take me,’ they approach the judicial investigation from the position of demigods, and thus place themselves above suspicion and accountability.”

Hoteit added: “Former Minister Ali Hassan Khalil talks about sedition and scenarios that do not exist except by imagination, such as the visit of a foreign delegation twice to Judge Bitar, before issuing the arrest warrants against Khalil and Fenianos. We know that the Beirut Justice Palace is equipped with surveillance cameras that monitor the movement of flies, so how If foreign delegations visit, he should come forward and ask for the examination of the recordings of photography and surveillance.”

He continued: “Bring your proof if you are honest, and we will be with him and by his side if what he claims is proven, and until now, the allegation of preparing for a sedition and having foreign dictates on Judge Bitar can only be considered worthless nonsense.”

It is reported that Hoteit had been beaten some time ago by the guards of the Speaker of Parliament, Nabih Berri, in addition to that he lives in the southern suburb of Beirut, which is under the full military control of the Hezbollah militia.

The Hoteit tape prompted the families of the victims to issue an urgent statement in which she said, “New circumstances led Ibrahim Hoteit, brother of the victim, Tharwat Hoteit, to issue his last surprising statement on behalf of the victims’ families,” stressing that this position does not represent them at all.

They stressed that they are “steadfast in their previous positions regarding the trust they placed in Judge Tariq Al-Bitar to take over the investigation of the case, stressing that their case is higher and higher than what has been dragged into political, sectarian and authoritarian quarrels,” calling for the compliance of all those wanted before the investigation.

The committee renewed its promise that the blood of its family, children, brothers and wounded will not be in vain and it will take all steps aimed at revealing the truth and achieving justice, standing as a bulwark against any interference in the work of the judiciary.

On the other hand, activists said on social media, the coordinator of the Alternative Press Syndicate, Si Mafarrej, said on her Twitter account: “Every interview with a person whose security conditions there are serious doubts is tantamount to an interview with a hostage.”

She added: “Since yesterday evening, there has been no normal contact with Ibrahim Hoteit, neither with his family nor with the rest of the families of the victims.”

She concluded by saying: “After the video, which contradicts his position on the same day, every interview with him, even if it is live, is an interview with a hostage.”

As for the journalist, Salman Andari, he said: “After Ibrahim Hoteit’s video calling for Judge Bitar to step down. I contacted a large number of families of the victims. They told me that Ibrahim and his family’s safety is a priority. They know Ibrahim and his opinion well. It was clear that he read the statement under threat and was never comfortable The families of the victims will gather. They will affirm their cause and justice.”

As for journalist Omar Harkous, he said: “At night, a group loyal to Hezbollah enters the house of Ibrahim Hoteit, the spokesman for the families of the victims of the Beirut port explosion, and forces him to record a video requesting that Judge Tariq Al-Bitar be removed from the investigation.”

He concluded: “Hatit was kidnapped in his house, and even if he was able to get out, he is not free, and his family is threatened.”

Hezbollah is launching an attack on the judicial investigator in the Beirut port explosion case, under the pretext of politicization and lack of impartiality, and it uses all means of pressure to dismiss him through intimidation in the government, the street, and the media.

And on Thursday, a demonstration called by Hezbollah to protest Bitar caused violence, causing 7 deaths and a large number of injuries.

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