Israel’s tenth ranking: Idan Ofer broke a record, Drahi at a low

Israel’s tenth ranking: Idan Ofer broke a record, Drahi at a low
Israel’s tenth ranking: Idan Ofer broke a record, Drahi at a low
The rich of Israel (photo by Rami Zranger; Yachatz, Yonatan Zindel Flash 90)

According to Forbes International magazine, Israel’s richest woman is Miriam Adelson, who increased her fortune over the past week by $ 1.3 billion and is now valued at $ 29.1 billion and is ranked 54th in the world. In second place, oligarch Roman Abramovich with a fortune estimated at $ 14.5 billion in 149th place.

In third place, Eyal Ofer with a fortune estimated at $ 11.8 billion in 190th place. Ofer is the first Israeli Sabra in Forbes’ rankings.

Patrick Drahy plunges to a $ 8.3 billion low, continuing the decline that has characterized it in recent weeks. As you may recall, at its peak, Drahi was valued at $ 11.3 billion. The Ofer era, on the other hand, breaks records and is valued at $ 7 billion. Drahi is in the world rankings in 319th place and Ofer in 405th place.

Steph Wertheimer has been unchanged for six months, ranking sixth in Israel’s tenth ranking, 474th in the world rankings and with an estimated fortune of $ 6.2 billion.

Locking up the list, billionaire Teddy Sagi, after a crazy week last year that included an assassination attempt and exposing Pandora’s documents, Sagi denied all the things attributed to him. This did not affect its capital and is estimated at $ 5.6 billion and ranks 5th in the world.

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Israels tenth ranking Idan Ofer broke record Drahi

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