Mahfoud: Lebanon is under Iranian occupation by Hezbollah

Mahfoud: Lebanon is under Iranian occupation by Hezbollah
Mahfoud: Lebanon is under Iranian occupation by Hezbollah

The head of the Change Movement, Elie Mahfoud, visited the Zahle region and began his tour with a visit to a member of the powerful Republic bloc, MP George Okeis.

Mahfoud expressed his displeasure with what happened on Thursday, as no one wanted it. Every tear that fell is drawn by the militia of the state of Hezbollah, so our choice is the state and the army institution, not the state. in its decisions,” and stressed that “Zahle has made and is still making sacrifices.”

He called for “generalizing the model that Okeis gives in political life and in parliament in particular.”

For his part, MP George Aqis Mahfoud thanked Mahfoud for this visit and considered him “a man of Zahle’s men. Zahle is the city of men, and Mahfoud is one of them.”

Continuing his tour, Bishop Joseph Moawad, pastor of the Maronite Diocese of Zahle, received him at St. Maron-Kasara Cathedral, where the attendees consulted about Bkerke’s recent positions.

Archbishop Moawad affirmed that “Patriarch Sfeir’s Triangle of Mercy is “a man of God in depth” and an unrepeatable personality, as his spirit is solid and strong at the national level.”

For his part, Mahfoud affirmed, “No one accepts what happened yesterday, neither religiously nor socially. Children have no fault of their own, far from politics and those who caused the strife that occurred.” On the subject of the civil state, the attendees stressed the need to give the correct concepts of the civil state.

Mahfoud continued his tour by visiting the Greek Orthodox St. Nicholas Cathedral, where he was received by His Excellency Metropolitan Antonios (Al-Suri), the Patron of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Zahle and Baalbek and their dependencies. The current political and security situation in the country was discussed, and Mahfoud asked about the fate of the kidnapped bishops in Syria and the reason for the absence of any Information from large countries about their presence.

After that, Mahfoud went with the accompanying delegation to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Our Lady of Deliverance to meet with the Melkite Greek Catholic Archdiocese of Zahle and Ferzol, Archbishop Issam Yohanna Darwish, where the latter confirmed the existing cooperation between the bishops of Zahle of all denominations in all matters of interest to the people of the region. At the end of the meeting, Archbishop Darwish presented Mahfoud with his latest book, “My invitation is still a secret,” and they toured various parts of the Archdiocese.

Finally, Archbishop Mar Justin Paul Safar received the Syriac Orthodox Archdiocese of Zahle and Bekaa, Mr. Elie Mahfoud, at St. Paul’s house for the comfort of the elderly. In the context of talking about recent events in the country, Bishop Safar confirmed that “the church cannot take military initiatives or call for disembarkation and defense, but As a Christian, it is our right to enjoy protection from the state.” He stressed “the need for the Church to show solidarity with her children at this particular time, for Mahfoud to agree with him.”

At the invitation of the coordinator of the Zahle region in the Lebanese Forces party, Mahfoud’s head visited the coordination, where he was received by the coordinator, Michel Fattoush, the central member of the party, Michel Tannoury, and the head of the teachers’ department in the party, Rabih Franji, in the presence of a number of party officials and heads of centers and interests in the Zahle region.

In a speech addressed to the attendees, Mahfoud urged the need to persevere and not to surrender and escape, because the homeland needs us today and our land must be defended and its borders and our people must be preserved.

In honor of their memory, the audience went to the Martyrs’ Square and laid a wreath of roses for Mahfoud in honor of the souls of those who were martyred in defense of Zahle and Lebanon.

His visit to the region concluded with a political meeting organized by the Zahle District Coordinator in the Lebanese Forces Party on the stage of the Jesus King School, in the presence of a member of the Strong Republic bloc MP George Akis, the regional coordinator Michel Fattoush and a number of party officials and political, economic, social and religious activities.

Mahfoud had a speech in which he declared “the necessity of translating what happened in Ain al-Remmaneh with the ballot boxes to express the categorical rejection of the state’s control, as Lebanon today is under Iranian occupation by Hezbollah, and whoever denies this is denying the truth.”

And for those who criticized the reaction of the people of Ain al-Rummaneh, al-Mahfoud asked about “the behavior that could have happened if the opposite happened and the other side was subjected to a similar attack,” expressing his surprise that “everyone saw the real aggressor through the videos circulated except for the Free Patriotic Movement, but it is certain that there is no fear On the truth and the owner of the right is the sultan.

Regarding the August 4 massacre file, Mahfoud said that “Hezbollah is dealing with the file as it dealt with the issue of the martyrdom of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, but the international community today is required to reveal the truth.”

Mahfoud expressed, “We are disturbed by the scenes of the airport road, as if we are in Iran, and this is sad, and instead of setting up statues and prizes for people who killed our people, Mahfoud asked about the possibility of prizes” Bashir Jameel, “Kamal Jumblatt” and other prominent Lebanese personalities who have left a positive impact in the country. My grandfather advised my father and my father advised me and I instructed my children: We do not abuse anyone, but we do not allow anyone to abuse us.

Finally, Mahfoud expressed his pride in visiting the Zahle region and thanked the audience for receiving him, wishing that the country would prosper and the state would be built as we all want.

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