A famous French coach supports Belmadi and criticizes Delors and Galtier

A famous French coach supports Belmadi and criticizes Delors and Galtier
A famous French coach supports Belmadi and criticizes Delors and Galtier

Christophe Galtier (left), player Delors and Algeria coach Djamel Belmadi (Getty)

Reactions continued in France regarding the case of striker Andy Delors, who had asked the coach of the Algerian national team, Djamel Belmadi, to exempt him from playing for the “Greens”, for a whole year in order to focus on the competition in his club Nice, which angered the Algerian fans as well as The former coach of the Qatar national team.

The former coach of the French national team, Raymond Domenech, gave his opinion on this issue, as he criticized the decision of Andy Delors and his French coach Christophe Galtier, and also dedicated his support to coach Belmadi, and his fiery statements last Thursday on RMC radio in the sports session presented by the international Former with the “Rooster” team, Jerome Rothen.

Raymond Domenech spoke to the French newspaper, L’Equipe, on Saturday, saying: “We must fully understand the Algerian coach’s statements. We must not forget that the fans there are passionate about football. What Belmadi said expresses the position in Algeria on this issue.”

Dominic continued: “How does Delors say that he will return to the national team after a year? Did he really say, coach, I want to secure my place in the club, and for this I am sorry, I will not come to the national team? This is unreasonable. If his retirement was permanent, it is understandable, but his intention to return after a year, from It will surely cause an earthquake.”

Dominique concluded his speech: “When it was convenient for him, he joined the Algerian national team and was happy, and now that the difficult conditions began to go and play in Africa, he does not want to join the national team, because he wants to secure his place in Nice, we cannot understand Christophe Galtier as he defends His player. He was in a bad situation.”


famous French coach supports Belmadi criticizes Delors Galtier

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