Lebanon..the crime scene

Lebanon..the crime scene
Lebanon..the crime scene

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The worst thing that happened Thursday in Tayouneh in Beirut was the realization that if we moved thousands and thousands of miles away from the crime scene, we would participate in it with all our emotions and premonitions. We were not there when a Shiite gunman, armed with an RPG, went out to fire its shell. The Christian gunman rushed him with a bullet I wanted, and we didn’t want to be there, but this notorious RPG put us in the fire of this war.

This scene is one of hundreds of sad scenes that the Lebanese, except for those who participated in the civil war of Tayouneh, were forced to watch and interact with it, and insults to all people and everything, and specifically insults to the country, its mother and father.

The second worst thing that happened Thursday in Tayouneh in Beirut is the Shiite Hezbollah narrative that snipers belonging to the Christians of the Lebanese Forces rushed the elite, peaceful demonstrators with bullets in the head, a narrative that the Lebanese Forces denied, stressing that they had no elegance in the Tayouneh killing or the camel.

Well, the “crime scene” is located in an area that is well monitored by Hezbollah, as it is an old contact line, to the east of which is a group that hosts and accuses them of treason day and night. If Hezbollah is more familiar with the reefs of occupied Palestine, how can it not know what the Lebanese forces are bringing in its immediate neighborhood? And if Hezbollah boasts of nations with its sense of security and intelligence, how did it forget about snipers who took over buildings originally located in Shiah and Tayouneh, on the borders of Ain al-Rummaneh “al-Quwatiya”, owned by the most honorable people and inhabited by the most honorable people? And how does the news come that among the arrested is a sniper belonging to a security agency? How is it explained that Hezbollah and Amal Movement members fired at those they thought were snipers in one of the high-rise apartments, and these Lebanese army members were raiding an apartment they thought was a sniper in it?

The third worst thing that happened on Thursday in Tayouneh in Beirut is the sight of uncontrolled arms in the hands of the party and the movement, in front of the legitimate Lebanese army, in an actual reminder of what happened on May 7, 2008 in Beirut, and on May 11, 2008 in the mountain, when the Lebanese army distanced itself from these civil wars The young woman, leaving the line of partisan and movement brotherhood on his side, to wreak havoc in the land of the safe, after corruption.

In fact, between what I have received from the video clips and what we have seen on news agencies and social media platforms, there are more than 70 clips, in which the heroism of young men with their individual and medium weapons of war, and with rocket launchers, they belong to one side of the “submission or war” equation: the Shiites of Amal and Hezbollah . But .. who was fighting these? Who fired millions of bullets in Mini’s four-hour civil war? Isn’t there someone who documented, by image and by sound, an armed Christian from the Lebanese Forces? Is it conceivable that there is not a single Christian in the region who picks up his mobile phone and takes pictures and is sent to show people the shapes of these armed men and the colors of their military uniforms? Were they ghosts? Were they fantasies on the walls of Ain El Remmaneh and Badaro? Show us to know their faces, or their eyes that appear behind their masks.. Show us their weapons..

The fourth worst thing that happened Thursday in Tayouneh in Beirut is that we, the ordinary Lebanese, have become more and more certain that we no longer care about what is happening to this country. We have power today, whether it is old or ruined.. whether it lives or dies.. if it rises from under the rubble, or they pick it up as crumbs.

Perhaps, a few days ago, in light of the political tension between the entire lying system on the one hand and the investigative judge on the one hand, there was hope that it would be possible to stand up in the electoral process against the Lebanese mafia, and if the militia’s machine guns were to hide, to change the face of Lebanon, which has become Iranian to the point that Beirut became more Tehran from Tehran itself. As for today, after Hezbollah’s “the path of justice leads to civil war,” and after the threat was actually implemented in Tayouneh, there is no way for life yet except to escape from this Lebanon, which is unlike us in anything, neither in our patriotism, nor in our Arabism, nor in our sovereignty, Not in our independence, nor in our neutrality.

Seven were shot dead in Al-Tayouneh..And our belonging to a “homeland” that accepts only the murderer, the violent sectarian, and the dependent abroad, and who does not recognize another does not lower his head and says to him, “Your command, sir.” Hezbollah has killed in us every feeling of belonging, every acceptance of partnership, and every sense of pity, until it planted in us a spirit of gloating for those who died, and also for those who danced to the rhythm of “Shi’ites.. Shi’ites” thinking that they – who are unaware – that they have the land here if they live, and theirs is heaven. There are perished.

Tayouneh is the crime scene, where Hezbollah has always fought.

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