Autumn germ spreads in this Arab country and poisons 9 children

About 9 children in Jordan were poisoned this morning, Saturday, October 16, and were transferred to Ghosh Hospital to receive the necessary medical care.

According to the Jordanian Ministry of Health, it is possible that these children were poisoned by the spread of an autumn germ called “Shigella”, which was transmitted to them from water or food loaded with this germ, or through contact with an infected person.

The Jordanian Minister of Health, Firas Al-Hawari, said that the Shigella virus spreads in the fall, and infects mostly children and the elderly, pointing out that the person infected with it shows symptoms of poisoning, but it disappears within three days, and the patient does not need to be treated with antibiotics except in rare cases.

In turn, the Jordanian Ministry of Health stressed the need to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water, and to wash vegetables and fruits to avoid the spread of Shigella infection.

The Jordanian health specialists took samples from the water sources in the area affected by the children to find out the source of the infection.

The director of Jerash Hospital, Dr. Sadiq Al-Atoum, said that the nine children who were admitted to the hospital on suspicion of poisoning are in stable general condition, pointing out that from last Monday until Wednesday, 58 cases of poisoning were reported, all of whom were discharged from the hospital.

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Autumn germ spreads Arab country poisons children

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