One of the most famous Kia cars appears with a new look and features

Saturday October 16, 2021 09:25 AM

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The new Sorento caught the attention of fans of large Kia cars because of the features that this vehicle acquired that made it technically advanced and distinctive in terms of elegance and design.

Externally, the designers at Kia added some aesthetic touches to the car to distinguish it from previous Sorento vehicles, as they slightly modified the design of the front radiator cover grille, the design of the shock absorbers and the exhaust vents.

As for the interior, this vehicle has received many distinctive modifications, including a new design for the driving interface and the shapes of its elements, as well as distinctive additions to the design of the doors and additional buttons that appeared on it. 10.25 inch or via voice command.

The car was equipped with advanced electrical systems for heating and cooling the seats and controlling their positions, a system to start the engine and the air conditioning remotely, a blind spot system to avoid accidents, systems to maintain lanes, cruise control on the travel roads, light and rain sensors, distance sensors and cameras that monitor the surroundings of the chassis from all sides.

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Kia will offer it with several types of engines, including MPI engines with a capacity of 2.5 liters and 180 horsepower, MPI engines with 249 horsepower, and turbo diesel engines with 199 horsepower, and these engines will work with front and all-wheel drive systems.

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Source: World News: One of the most famous Kia cars appears in a new look and features

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