An employee accuses Apple of firing her after leading a movement against harassment and discrimination

An Apple employee revealed that she was fired after leading a movement among her colleagues to publicize cases of what they described as harassment and discrimination in their workplace.

Janic Parrish, Apple’s director of programs, said that the company informed her Thursday that it had been dismissed for deleting some materials on the company’s devices while it was under investigation after what happened during a meeting about the company’s activity was leaked to the media, stressing that it denies this leak.

Parish said she deleted apps that included details about her finances and other personal information before handing her devices over to Apple as part of the investigation, adding that she believed she was fired because of her workplace activity.

She continued, “To me, this appears to be a clear retaliation for the fact that I have been speaking out about abuses happening in my company, equal pay and, in general, our working conditions.”

For its part, Apple stressed, Friday, that it does not discuss specific matters related to employees.

Apple has recently seen other examples of employee discontent. Last month, two company employees said they had filed charges against the company with the National Labor Relations Board.

The two employees accused Apple of retaliation and halting wage discussions between employees, among other charges.


employee accuses Apple firing leading movement harassment discrimination

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