Less than 3 months before the end of the year.. Learn about the predictions of the horoscopes for 2022

Since the period The media, Maguy Farah, appeared on a screen Otv Talking about her new book, which she prepares every year, about the predictions of the horoscopes for the new year.

Maggie quickly gave a glimpse of each sign’s predictions for 2022.


The year of emancipation to freedom, renewal and success

After years of turmoil, witnessing a year of optimism and positive things that accompany you, and because you do not like to be alone, you will think of traveling and enjoying new meetings, and love ignites its fire in your heart again, and one of these meetings may be exciting.


The year of decisiveness and the launch of the new

Maguy Farah said that Taurus will be one of the most fortunate signs in love in the year 2022 because it is the right time to get married this year and this period may be during the last three months of each year, but the more it is in harmony with love and your heart is filled with passion for the partner, the more you allow yourself to neglect Work after you feel the killer routine that will only bring you laziness during this


The year of radical revolutions and sudden choices

You bid farewell to a stage of your life, to begin a new, more promising one, even if this matter causes confusion and confusion and generates conflicts and coincides with love in 2022, where you find the golden opportunity in love during the second half of the same year, which has long formed for you an intractable dream and begins with exciting offers in order to attract the partner To you, then you will not feel the taste of comfort or live in peace as before


The year of the uprising and fateful changes

Mag expected that Cancer will be one of the most fortunate signs 2022 in terms of projects and money. This year is much better than the previous ones, and it may constitute a turning point in your life and invite you to movement, work and initiative. As for emotionally, the atmosphere is calm, you will present a valuable gift to the partner as a travel card, and he in turn will give you a precious gift that pleases your mind It brings you closer to him, but do not neglect the details he loves and take care of his own affairs, no matter how small they are.


A year of great luck and happy opportunities

An exceptional year that you will not forget for a long time. It brings you hopes, dreams, and fortunes at all levels of the family, material and emotional, but love and romance will always be in second place for you, especially during this year. You really need it in 2022 because work will take all your time but it will make you move to a much better place.


The year of great efforts and luck in the summer

You may spend more money for the treatment of one of your family members and the health results will be good, do not give confidence to those you do not know well, be realistic and do not waste yourself in illusions, you may achieve in the second half of 2022 an important success and enjoy great popularity and support, the summer brings to you A favorable change, success in your business and surprises, for example, you may get a promotion, a reward or an official recognition of your abilities..


The year of transition from darkness to light

Opportunities, new love, and a new location await you, and you assume responsibilities that will generate enthusiasm in you. It is a suitable year for engagement and marriage, especially during the first half of it, so your married life will be stable and calm, your life will be involved in his life, and your two hearts will be united in a wonderful way and almost become unfamiliar..


The year of the upward streak and getting rid of crises

Maguy Farah said that Scorpio is one of the very lucky signs in 2022, where you live, Scorpio 2022, a serious romance with a new person who enters your life, and you may decide to marry or be officially associated with the one your heart cheers for, and you can take advantage of the opportunities in front of you and harness them to serve your interests when the middle of the year Then you will find freedom and independence and all the difficulties and obstacles that prevented you and your partner will be defeated.


An extraordinary year that changed course

They are the luckiest and life gives him a lot. And this year the course changes and begins with a new year and a new stage that may confuse him at first, but it will be for his benefit in the end. The end of 2022 will witness an engagement or marriage, and you may have a small child that makes your heart happy and makes you happy.


The year of liberation and breakthroughs

One of the lucky signs in 2022 is Capricorn, as it is the year of liberation, although the beginning will be with some obstacles, but from the third month, breakthroughs begin and begin to reap the fruits of your projects that you have planned, and your affairs will be good with an unexpected financial return and the restoration of an old friendship or relationship, and he advises you Astronomy not to forget those who loved you and stood by you in crises and those who shared your worries and shared your sorrows and promised them that you would be their spiritual father.


year of gradual stability

Problems with the partner that he gets rid of and may lead to changes he dreamed of. Love leaves a great impact on it, and you begin to think deeply about your current and future emotional life, especially if your partner is a Libra, to discover that the anxiety that has puzzled you for a long time is an imaginary and unnecessary worry, you just have to sprinkle spice and pepper with your words and flirt with you so that the relationship becomes more beautiful and tastes more distinct.


year of marriage and love

Pisces may be the most fortunate sign for marriage in 2022, as he is expected to receive a new position or responsibility this year, and therefore his material affairs will be comfortable and he will be able to look at the emotional situation with all comfort, and there will be new decisions to take for his emotional life and a decision to marry or engage in the year 2022.

(Source: good luck)

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