The Tayouneh events are a “malicious sedition”… Iranian newspapers commented

The Tayouneh events are a “malicious sedition”… Iranian newspapers commented
The Tayouneh events are a “malicious sedition”… Iranian newspapers commented

Iranian newspapers devoted a wide space, Saturday, to the events that took place last Thursday in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, where fundamentalist newspapers in particular tried to exploit the armed clashes to pass stories that support the narrative of the axis of resistance and Iranian interference in the Middle East, while fully siding with the narrative of “Hezbollah” accusing its opponents of the attacks.

The newspaper “Watan Emrouz” resolved matters without discussion, accusing the “Lebanese Forces” party headed by Samir Geagea of ​​being behind the shootings in two neighborhoods of the capital, Beirut. Meanwhile, “Kayhan” newspaper, which is close to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, stated that there is a “malicious sedition” organized to target Lebanon, noting that “Hezbollah” and “Amal Movement” accused the “Lebanese Forces” of being behind the shooting, as the truth.

As for “Sharq” newspaper, it used a different headline, where it wrote “Lebanon is hostage to sectarian conflict,” and indicated that the crisis erupted when the judge of the Beirut port explosion file, Tariq Al-Bitar, was trying to try those accused of negligence in the matter of the explosion, as he summoned two figures from the Iranian-backed “Hezbollah” for interrogation. This prompted the party to respond to this order by calling on its supporters to demonstrate in front of the Lebanese Ministry of Justice building and to demand the judge’s resignation.

“Kayhan” newspaper commented in a separate topic on the events in Beirut, and referred to the American position calling for the need to respect the judiciary and its independence, and considered that Washington’s defense of the Lebanese judiciary and the person of Judge Al-Bitar, “evidence” that the Americans were defending the people who opened fire at the demonstrators who demonstrated against The judge in charge of following up the Beirut explosion file and investigating the accused and those who were negligent in the incident.

Like Hezbollah supporters on Twitter, the fundamentalist newspaper accused Judge Al-Bitar of trying to implement a foreign agenda in the file of the Beirut port explosion, and stated that he was about to gain privileges for a certain party in this file.

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