A strange incident.. A phone was removed from the stomach of an Egyptian who swallowed it half a year ago

In a strange incident of its kind, a medical team succeeded in extracting a mobile phone from the stomach of an Egyptian who had swallowed it months ago.

In the details, Aswan University Hospital, south of Cairo, received, on Friday evening, a citizen complaining of severe abdominal pain. On examination, it was found that he suffers from severe infections and cramps in the stomach and intestines.

The hospital administration stated that x-rays and medical examinations were carried out, and the doctors confirmed that his condition required urgent surgery to extract a foreign body in his stomach that was causing him such pain.

She also added that the doctors succeeded in extracting the foreign body, but the surprise was that it was a mobile phone!

She also explained that the phone had been present in the patient’s stomach for the past 6 months, which led to her withholding food and suffering from pain and cramps.

As for the patient’s condition, it is currently stable and all necessary medical care is being provided to him.

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