The UAE is a major contributor to global efforts to eradicate poverty

The UAE is a major contributor to global efforts to eradicate poverty
The UAE is a major contributor to global efforts to eradicate poverty

Sultan Muhammad Al Shamsi, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation for International Development Affairs, affirmed that the UAE has devoted great efforts in recent years to helping needy people around the world to obtain basic needs such as health, education, water and addressing malnutrition, within the framework of supporting the United Nations sustainable development goals, which aim to “Eradicate poverty everywhere.”
Al Shamsi said: The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, which falls on October 17, is an opportunity to strengthen international efforts to put an end to the suffering caused by extreme poverty.
In a statement on this occasion, he added: “As an extension of its humanitarian approach in the context of improving the quality of life of communities around the world, the UAE works tirelessly with its international partners – including countries and international organizations – to provide assistance to more than a billion people living in extreme poverty. ».
He continued, “Recognizing that there is a great link between eliminating poverty and improving security, stability and prosperity, the UAE firmly believes in the need for concerted efforts by the international community to fulfill common commitments to eradicate poverty. The UAE is a major contributor to many global humanitarian initiatives concerned with poverty eradication.
He pointed out that within the framework of achieving this goal, which is one of the United Nations sustainable development goals, the UAE focused on improving the quality of education, promoting economic growth, creating job opportunities, developing local labor markets, and encouraging entrepreneurship – especially among youth and women – in countries. partner. By supporting innovative methods tailored to local conditions, the UAE and its partners seek to eradicate poverty in a sustainable manner.
He said: “As the UAE prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary, it affirms its commitment to supporting the sustainable development goals of partner countries and as an active global donor. It will work to strengthen partnerships with relevant international organizations and search for opportunities to engage the private sector as a critical element in achieving the United Nations sustainable development goals, reflecting its development model that places the approach of pluralism and cooperation at the forefront of strategic priorities.
He concluded by saying: “The UAE believes that poverty can only be eradicated through concerted efforts, thus enabling the needy to live a healthy and high-quality life.”


UAE major contributor global efforts eradicate poverty

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