A common mistake that turns natural juice into a health disaster..Avoid making it

A common mistake that turns natural juice into a health disaster..Avoid making it
A common mistake that turns natural juice into a health disaster..Avoid making it

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Studies have proven that the common habit of many people to make natural juice from fruits by adding sugar or honey is a wrong habit that can cause a health disaster and develop diabetes.

Experts stressed that juices may be an excellent addition to a healthy and comprehensive diet, but some of the natural mixtures that some include in juices may turn it into a “sugar bomb”, which may provide completely opposite and bad results on human health.

Many consider that making a 100% natural fruit juice (by including the fruit only) and including natural sweeteners like honey and pure maple syrup in a smoothie recipe can give the human body a boost of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The American magazine “Eat This, Not That” tried to provide some very general advice to avoid falling into this trap in a recent article about the best juice for the human body.

The article pointed out the need to avoid the previous problem by relying on the inclusion of some elements to slow down the digestion process, whey proteins, which are the basic building blocks of life, so eating enough of these nutrients is very important for the performance of the body, as studies have linked protein intake with Carbohydrates and between helping people stay full for a longer period of time, which may help support the first goal of balancing the body when consuming juice, so adding plain yogurt, nut butter, and even chickpeas helps to achieve this goal in smoothies.

In addition to protein, fiber can help promote satiety as well, as fiber forms a good density in the juice and can therefore help support a healthy bowel movement, which is confirmed by most studies, as fiber is one of the best elements to support bowel functioning and balance absorption .

Experts advise including some types of vegetables to adjust sugar levels and raise fiber levels. Mixing fruits and vegetables can provide a range of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants when added to the mixture. For example, many include spinach, broccoli, and even sweet potatoes, which provide a delicious taste with the amount of It is high in fiber, but you should beware of the large amounts of sugar found in fruits, as the body recognizes them as sugars, so you should consider including them in moderation to achieve an optimal balance.

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