Israel’s First Muslim Chief of Staff Against Smutrich

Israel’s First Muslim Chief of Staff Against Smutrich
Israel’s First Muslim Chief of Staff Against Smutrich

“Allow me for a moment to take off my uniform and address politics,” said the first Muslim commissioner in Israel, referring to the statement by the chairman of Religious Zionism that there are Arabs in Israel because “Ben-Gurion did not finish the job.” Arabic: should take advantage of this period, want the army to give its share


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“Not worth referring to”: Chief of Staff Jamal Khachrush, the first Muslim Arab-Israeli chief of staff of the Israel Police, was a guest at a “cultural” event in Be’er Sheva and returned fire to the chairman of Religious Zionism, MK Bezalel Smutrich. “His statement is not worth referring to,” he said. “I would be offended by another person, not by him. It is not worth referring to him or his statement.”

The sharp remarks were made by Superintendent Khachrush against the background of MK Smutrich’s statement, according to which “the Arabs are still here because Ben-Gurion did not finish the work in ’48 and dumped them.” The Knesset member added and tweeted: “If Ben-Gurion had known that the fifth corps he left here supports terrorism and shouts that Zionism is racism, he would not have stopped the convoys of Arab refugees who fled here in 1958.”

Chairman of Religious Zionism, Bezalel Smutrich | Photo: Noam Moskowitz, Spokeswoman for the Knesset

Superintendent Jamal Khachrush, who is in charge of the crime prevention division in the Arab localities of the Israel Police, also referred later in the interview to the many cases of violence in Arab society. “There are three sources of illegal weapons in the Arab sector that can and should be dried up,” he said.

“There is not a day that they do not seize weapons and there is not a day that people are not brought to court for weapons offenses,” he stressed. “I feel we are not harming yet. The sources of the weapons are still alive and well. I do want the military to do its part in dealing with crime in Arab society, and call on it to close the arms smuggling borders.”

“Wants the army to play its part in dealing with crime in Arab society, calls for closure of arms smuggling borders”

Standing Jamal Khachrush

He also told Roi Katz at an event in Be’er Sheva culture that the entry of an Arab party into the coalition is a historic moment: I call on the people who have made this move to take advantage of this period to make the necessary change. I believe in partnership and not in separatism, so I support it everywhere. ”


Israels Muslim Chief Staff Smutrich

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