A new vaccine that eliminates future epidemics of “zoonoses”

A new vaccine that eliminates future epidemics of “zoonoses”
A new vaccine that eliminates future epidemics of “zoonoses”

Scientists have developed a new vaccine that can fight potential future epidemics caused by diseases that appear in animals.

In experiments, the vaccine was able to stop five different types of corona viruses from complementing their tracks, including “Covid-19”, according to the American “Study Finds” website.

And the website, in a report published on Friday, quoted the lead author of the study, Professor Tomohiro Kurosaki as saying that “Given that previous Corona virus epidemics were caused by zoonotic viruses, the possibility of similar viruses appearing in the future poses a significant threat to global public health and even effective vaccines for current viruses.” “.

The study found that the emerging corona virus consists of two parts, the first is a nucleus very similar to all other corona viruses, and the second is its own head alone.

The team of researchers at Osaka University in Japan genetically modified the spiky protein in the virus that causes Covid-19 by covering its head with extra sugar molecules that make it impossible to bind to the ACE2 protein in human cells, which leads to infection.

The site added: “After vaccinating mice with the new vaccine, the production of antibodies was greatly enhanced against the nucleus in the middle part that was not covered by the virus protein, which helped prevent infection with the two viruses that caused the SARS outbreak in 2002, as well as three corona viruses. Others originated from bats.

The site indicated that it is true that antibodies that recognize the head of the virus can prevent the entry of (SARS-CoV-2) into human cells, but it provides little protection against other corona viruses, but the antibodies that identify the middle part of the virus (the nucleus) It can prevent different coronaviruses from entering human cells.

In the study, whose results were published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, the researchers say that this new strategy works to enhance antibodies that neutralize multiple corona viruses, not just the emerging corona virus, and it also opens the door to developing a second-generation vaccine that reduces the risk of infection. risks of future epidemics.

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