WHO representative: Egypt is one of the countries that succeeded in dealing with the Corona pandemic

WHO representative: Egypt is one of the countries that succeeded in dealing with the Corona pandemic
WHO representative: Egypt is one of the countries that succeeded in dealing with the Corona pandemic

The representative of the World Health Organization in Egypt, Naima Al-Qasir, said that Egypt is one of the countries that have succeeded globally in dealing with the Corona pandemic, from all sides.

During her speech at the “After Corona… Towards a National Strategy for Epidemic Crisis Management” workshop, Al-Qusair explained that Egypt is one of the first countries to communicate with the World Health Organization, and has contributed from several perspectives to research and clinical studies.

Al-Qusair said that Egypt has raised investment allocations in scientific research by 60% over previous years, pointing out that Egypt has succeeded in dealing with the file from the perspective of comprehensive public health, and the continuation of health initiatives such as 100 million health, and also the launch of a decent life initiative that is related to the concept of public health.

Al-Qusair praised Egypt’s equality between the population and residents on its land, whether immigrants or refugees, and their receiving treatment or vaccination, and regarding the settlement of the medicine and vaccine industry in Egypt, explaining that this industry serves Egypt and neighboring countries.

Major General Ahmed Al-Shihabi, head of the National Center for Studies, said that the aim of the workshop is to discuss the new that can be presented in the coming period in the Corona crisis and to come up with a set of useful recommendations for Egypt and the Arab world.

Dr. Sami Abdel Aziz, a professor at the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University, added that Egypt’s management of the Corona crisis is an experience worthy of evaluation and analysis, pointing to Egypt’s ability to confront a number of successive crises during the last decade, which helped in the accumulation of experiences that enabled Egypt to manage the pandemic crisis.

Abdelaziz continued, “The recurrence of crises gives countries skills in dealing with them,” noting that Egypt has dealt with the economic crisis and taken a number of critical decisions that enabled it to deal with the country’s economic situation through the economic reform program and the decision to liberalize the exchange rate.

Abdel Aziz pointed to Egypt’s success in managing this crisis among its outputs, which enabled this country to deal with the first shock of the Corona virus, if the Egyptian economy had not begun the stage of recovery and the ability to provide resources and attract investment, which could not have provided the requirements of what happened in the factories from closed,” explaining that the lessons learned from dealing with the economic crisis were used in dealing with the coronavirus crisis, with the scale of the disaster varying.

Abdel Aziz spoke about the role of openness to public opinion in overcoming crises and enabling countries to take difficult decisions.

The co-researcher at the National Center for Studies, Mohamed Khayal, reviewed the efforts made by the Egyptian state in confronting the Covid-19 crisis, explaining the development of the government’s response to the crisis, as it began dealing with the spread of the pandemic with confusion during the shock stage, and said that with time the Egyptian government was able to deal in an appropriate manner. better”.

He referred to the government’s attempt to preserve the health system in Egypt and the available capabilities, and to reduce the economic losses caused by the pandemic.

He pointed out that the government’s handling of the crisis was carried out through two main tracks, the first related to the health sector, and the second to the economic sector, as the government sought to maintain the efficiency of the health system and medical teams to ensure the ability to confront the longest possible period, and also took a number of steps and measures to compensate for the shortage of doctors and the lack of He pointed to the issuance of a law on the medical professions risk allowance with the aim of motivating doctors, as well as the decision to allow the extension of the period for doctors who have exceeded the retirement age.

Khayal stressed the state’s role during the stage of coexistence, such as working to localize the vaccine industry in Egypt and the agreement with the Chinese company Sinovac, and the presence and negotiations with Pfizer and AstraZeneca to manufacture the vaccine in Egypt, other than the decision to link the entry of public and government facilities to obtaining the vaccine to create public and community immunity.

Regarding the efforts made by the government in the economic sector to mitigate the negative repercussions of the spread of the pandemic, Khayal referred to some decisions such as postponing credit dues, reducing energy and natural gas prices for factories, and providing direct financial support to the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

While Ramy Fayez, a member of the Red Sea Hotel Chamber, reviewed the experience of receiving returnees from abroad in Marsa Alam hotels, and pointed out the speed of the state’s response to his proposal to receive stranded Egyptians through Marsa Alam Airport, and to stay during the isolation period in the city’s hotels.

For her part, Ambassador Samia Baybars, Director of the Crisis Follow-up Department of the League of Arab States, said that the Corona crisis is one of the most severe cross-border epidemic crises, pointing out that any strategy to confront a crisis must be based on planning, forecasting, a future vision, flexibility and rapid dealing with the variables of the crisis, and transparency. , taking measures and procedures appropriate to each stage, and quick dealing and decisive decisions.

WHO Representative in Egypt, Naima Al-Qusayr

WHO Representative in Egypt, Naima Al-Qusayr
WHO Representative in Egypt, Naima Al-Qusayr
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