Head of the Medicines Authority: Egypt is the first country in the Middle East to manufacture Corona protocols drugs

Head of the Medicines Authority: Egypt is the first country in the Middle East to manufacture Corona protocols drugs
Head of the Medicines Authority: Egypt is the first country in the Middle East to manufacture Corona protocols drugs

Dr. Tamer Essam, head of the Egyptian Medicines Authority, stressed the authority’s role in creating a regulatory and legislative environment to support and encourage the drug industry, through continuous updating of drug registration rules and procedures, pricing mechanisms to facilitate registration and circulation, and constant keenness to keep pace with global systems, and provide all means of technical support. and procedural procedures for companies, as well as the development of supervisory work mechanisms.

During the second drug conference, the head of the Egyptian Medicines Authority stated that the authority’s efforts to provide procedural and technical support to national and international companies led to an increase in investments in the pharmaceutical industry, and to encourage international companies to manufacture their products in Egypt, which is reflected in ensuring the availability of medicine for the Egyptian patient, and deepening sufficiency. and makes Egypt a regional center for the pharmaceutical industry in Africa and the Middle East.

He pointed to the remarkable development in the Egyptian drug market, whether in the number of factories or new production lines that have been added, taking care to add modern technology lines, in addition to an increase in the number of modern drugs that are registered and circulated at the same time as they are being traded abroad, which is what happened during The Corona pandemic through the emergency use license mechanism, and Egypt was the first country in the Middle East to locally manufacture the most important modern preparations used in Corona virus treatment protocols, such as remdesivir and favipiravir.

For his part, Dr. Ashraf Hatem, Chairman of the Health Committee in the House of Representatives, called for the necessity of cooperation and follow-up with the Egyptian Medicines Authority, the medical community and civil society in order to raise awareness of the dangers of antibiotics in order to confront the indiscriminate use of antibiotics and the large number of results that resulted in bacterial resistance to antibiotics in Egypt and the world.

On the other hand, Bahaa El-Din Zeidan, head of the Egyptian Unified Procurement Authority, said that for decades, Egypt has been discussing the problems of drug manufacturing and the obstacles to its settlement, and they are being repeated in various specialized conferences, without reaching a realistic and tangible solution, which makes us wonder now: What is new? I have those problems?

Zeidan added that the most important steps taken to localize medicine in Egypt are the formation of a unified committee to “localize the medicine industry” consisting of all the specialized responsible authorities, with the aim of developing a strategy and a road map for the localization of the medicine industry, in accordance with the vision of the political leadership that aims to bring about comprehensive changes in the health system. It adopted a coherent approach to establishing regional links and relationships.

He said that Egypt today was able to overcome the most important dilemmas that hinder the process of localizing the pharmaceutical industry, which is to attract international companies with new technologies in manufacturing, and allow them to be transferred without crippling conditions to Egypt, as the authority agreed with one of the largest international companies, with a global reputation and able to export to foreign markets. And the owner of complex and unique techniques in the field of assembling and manufacturing plasma derivatives, and with assistance from the Egyptian state and preparing the investment climate and the company’s work, has initiated amendments to the mechanisms of the plasma law within the House of Representatives, in line with the requirements of that company and contributes to encouraging other international companies, and because of its importance and implications A major investment.

He stressed that these steps place Egypt in a global rank in the field of plasma manufacturing, and that Egypt will own 20 qualified centers at the level of the Republic by 2022 regarding the uses of plasma and the manufacture of medicines needed to treat incurable diseases.

He added: Several sites have been agreed to set up plasma collection centers, and the necessary steps are being taken to implement the retail and purification plant, the main store for plasma and the final products for this project. to operate these centers.

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