“It was me that looked so cute.”

“It was me that looked so cute.”
“It was me that looked so cute.”

Egyptian actress Naglaa Badr expressed her sadness for leading the trend on social media after appearing in a bold dress during the opening ceremony of the El Gouna International Film Festival.

And the Egyptian artist said, during an intervention with the media, Amr Adib, on his program “Al-Hekaya”: “The first time I happen to have something like this in my life, I am really agitated and I am starting to worry that I look so bad?”

And she added: “The designer of the dress is international and well-known, and she looks for many dresses, and when we chose the opening dress, we thought that it was the most nude, but I chose the sweetest. She was wearing a “piece of art,” and they told me the pictures were like you weren’t wearing them. People remember that I’m sticking to the triangle.

She asked: “Am I one who is doing a trend, I am far from this, it is a bigger situation than me, and I was nervous, I am simpler than that and farther than that, I am not one of a showman, and I do not like to be in a mess with the audience, because I work for the public .. I Annoyed, art is tastes, you can like it, and you can not like it, by Harika, people are gloating, I am confused, I did what, I do not understand what.”

Here, the journalist Amr Adib intervened, saying: “Frankly, the dress is dead.”

The Egyptian actress has been subjected to a torrent of sharp criticism since her appearance in an open dress at the opening ceremony of the fifth session of the El Gouna International Film Festival last Thursday.

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