Sharjah Chamber celebrates Trade Center 101 for its two-year anniversary

Sharjah Chamber celebrates Trade Center 101 for its two-year anniversary
Sharjah Chamber celebrates Trade Center 101 for its two-year anniversary

The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry celebrated the two-year anniversary of the establishment of the Small and Medium Enterprises Center (Tijara 101), one of the Chamber’s initiatives launched in 2019, as part of its keenness to support young people and motivate them to engage in commercial and economic business, and create a work environment that has a positive impact, to promote development. sustainable in society.

On this occasion, Mohammed Ahmed Amin Al-Awadi, Director General of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, recently met with members and affiliates of the Center through a dialogue session, in the presence of Abdulaziz Shattaf, Assistant Director-General for Communication and Business Sector, Ibrahim Rashid Al Jarwan, Director of Economic Relations and Marketing at the Sharjah Chamber, and Jamal Saeed Bouzanjal, Director of the Corporate Communication Department at the Chamber, and Mona Omran Ali, Director of the Small and Medium Enterprises Center in the Chamber.

The session witnessed a discussion of a number of topics aimed at developing the services provided to members by the Chamber, as well as developing sectors that support the existing activities, and studying the participation of affiliates in trade missions and exhibitions, both inside and outside the country, that are commensurate with the nature of the activities of the member companies in the Center.

integrated system

Muhammad Ahmed Amin Al-Awadi congratulated the members and affiliates of the center for their pioneering efforts and success in managing their own projects, stressing that this success was an incentive for the chamber to continue providing an environment that supports their work, through an integrated system from all its sectors to create the appropriate climate and conditions for establishing pioneering projects, enhancing their capabilities and overcoming all challenges. that may arise to reach the general goal, which is success, expansion and spread.

Al-Awadi indicated that the Chamber will focus in the coming years on establishing strategic partnerships between the center and a number of relevant institutions in the various emirates of the country, as this will have an impact on developing the work of its affiliates, and making the center more vital and a meeting point for business owners, which will be reflected in the increase in the experience of its members, based on One of the Chamber’s keenness to support young citizens and motivate them to engage in the labor market and establish their own projects in various sectors, as they are a tributary of the economic movement witnessed by the UAE, to be effective in the next fifty years, in order to achieve the aspirations of the rational leadership.

smooth out

For his part, Abdulaziz Shattaf expressed the Chamber’s readiness to provide all facilities that would overcome the challenges that may face the functioning of the members and affiliates of the center, as well as improving the mechanism of work of Trade 101, as the next year will constitute a new start towards success and leadership, in a way that enhances the growing confidence in Capabilities and capabilities of citizen entrepreneurs, giving them additional impetus, pushing their projects forward, and opening investment opportunities for them to unleash their energies and creativity in various work sectors, as well as harnessing the services of the Sharjah Export Development Center to expand the geographical scope and access their products to global markets.


Ibrahim Rashid Al-Jarwan called on the members of the center to continue the path of excellence and redouble their efforts to develop their business to remain a role model in creativity and innovation for the youth of the Emirates, stressing the importance of employing the products of the projects of the Trade 101 affiliates through the Chamber’s activities, programs and initiatives, and not only that, but also extends to providing all Facilitations to enter different markets, stressing that the Chamber puts all its expertise and institutions to serve entrepreneurs, in order to meet their aspirations and achieve their professional aspirations in accordance with the highest international practices.

Top destinations

For her part, Mona Omran Ali confirmed that the center will continue its efforts based on the Chamber’s vision and strategy to be one of the best destinations for business owners to establish and develop their own facilities by integrating into the internal business environment and developing the horizon and ways of cooperation with foreign markets, noting that the center today includes 13 members It is greater than the target number, due to its specialized training programs in managing and organizing exhibitions, auditing, tax collection, translation, e-commerce, hospitality, design and graphic photography, according to advanced standards for managing the operation of entrepreneurs’ offices. It also provides its affiliates with many other advantages aimed at enhancing cooperation between Small and medium enterprises and markets at the local and international levels.

stimulating environment

The center’s employees expressed their thanks and appreciation for the Chamber’s role in providing support to them to establish their own projects, stressing that Trade Center 101 was a distinguished business incubator that provided them with support and advice to move on the right path. to carry out their business successfully.

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