Earthquake inside the Brotherhood – Emad El-Din Hussein

Earthquake inside the Brotherhood – Emad El-Din Hussein
Earthquake inside the Brotherhood – Emad El-Din Hussein

Posted in: Friday, October 15, 2021 – 9:00 AM | Last update: Friday, October 15, 2021 – 9:08 PM

The Brotherhood is now experiencing a major crisis, perhaps the most difficult of all, because it resembles an earthquake, threatening a deep division within it.
In the past few days, hidden disputes surfaced in an unprecedented manner. Now everyone knows that there is more than one front within the group, but the conflict is mainly between two fronts: Mahmoud Hussein’s front in Istanbul, Turkey, and Ibrahim Munir’s front in British London.
The actual disputes started weeks ago, when the elections for the group’s management committee resulted in the marginalization of Mahmoud Hussein’s group, and last Wednesday the disputes became public and blatant, as Ibrahim Munir, the deputy guide of the general, and the one in charge of his work decided to freeze the work of the leading group in Istanbul, namely Mahmoud Hussein, the former Secretary-General and Medhat Al-Haddad And Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Hammam Ali Youssef, Rajab Al-Banna and Mamdouh Mabrouk. Then he decided to refer them to investigate accusations of financial and administrative corruption in preparation for their final separation as rebels and out of his obedience.
The other group rejected Ibrahim Munir’s decisions and intensified its meetings and decided in a meeting of the General Consultative Council, not to take into account Munir’s decisions, and independence with the group’s assets, money, investment activities and property in Turkey and the rest of the countries, then decided to dismiss and isolate Munir.
It is the first time in the history of the group that the leader or his representative has been dismissed and dismissed. The main difference between the two groups is due to more than one reason, the first of which is, of course, that “the group suffers from failure to achieve its goals and dissatisfaction with its general performance, which made the organization at a crossroads, according to the expression of its leader, Ahmed Ramy, while another leader, Gamal, sees Hashmat that the reason for the differences is that the group has been living over the past years in a state of general failure, abuse, misuse of institutions, and continuous financial and administrative manipulation.
What happened last week was not surprising, as divisions and schisms have existed within the group since the Egyptian people managed to remove it from power on June 30, 2013.
The conflict is about who runs the group, and most importantly who controls its money and property, and the result is more fragmentation and organizational separation, especially with the presence of many cases of rebellion among the youth sectors in Turkey, some of whom see – and they wrote this clearly on their pages on social media – Their leaders are frolicking in bliss, while they literally dig through trash cans, looking for food.
There are various stories of young people who have completely lost their faith and loyalty to the group, due to the difficult living conditions in which they live in Turkey. In addition to the return of some non-Brothers from Turkey, telling horrific stories about what they saw there from the behavior of the leaders of the group, especially after the suspension of most of the political programs on their channels, which are broadcast from there against the background of Turkish and Qatari attempts to rapprochement with Egypt.
The leaders, for their part, decided to get rid of all those who do not follow their desires and do not owe their obedience and obedience. There are reports that some of the Brotherhood’s desperate youth joined ISIS, while some young men imprisoned in Egyptian prisons admitted a few days ago that their calculations were wrong a year ago. 2013, which, of course, was rejected by the leaders and cadres of the group.
A follower of the group’s conditions said a few days ago that if the group and its conflicting wings had failed even to lead a coup against the other front, how could it have imagined to rule a large country like Egypt, and even rule the entire region?
In the estimation of many, the current crisis is the most dangerous ever in the history of the group, and there is an important factor, which is that the Egyptian state has succeeded remarkably in confronting the Brotherhood since 2013 at all levels, which hastened the state of disintegration and division that it suffers from, and this is another story worth discussing.


Earthquake Brotherhood Emad ElDin Hussein

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