Terror bears divers who found in Egypt what no eye has seen and no ear has heard

A strange living creature appeared, apparently new and completely mysterious, without eyes, mouth and ears. Foreign divers stunned it when they saw it on the Egyptian side of the Red Sea a week ago, and yesterday one of them described it to a British newspaper, as “like a long and square rubber tube, with a pointed end. ” like he said.

The diver also mentioned that the “thing” that appears from his image, that no eye has seen nor ear heard before now, brought back to his memory what he had read about imaginary monsters wandering in the depths of the sea, whose name was mentioned Yrr in a novel by German writer Frank Schätzing published before 17 years under the title “The Swarm” or Der Schwarm, which read “Al-Arabiya.net” in its biography on the Internet, that it was one of the best-selling science fiction novels, in which Yrr appears determined to destroy the earth and those on it, and its danger must be confronted.

As for what the 23-year-old German diver Lukas Ostertag spoke about, to the newspaper “Daily Mirror” and said that he and his fellow divers saw him in a famous water area with its dolphins, “Sataya Reef” in the Red Sea Governorate, it is something else entirely, and not from imagination, but rather with his colleagues While they were diving in the area, “it seemed as if nothing I had seen like it before (..) It was very strange, moving on its own, and none of us knew what kind it was,” according to his expression.

Some of them speculated that it might be a kind of adenoids, where the organism is “thin in body” and others of his fellow divers thought it was a worm, or some kind of plant, and because they did not settle for a possibility, they published what they had taken of pictures of him on their platforms on the communication sites, as in Sites specialized in marine animals, but they did not find anyone who was able to identify him, except as a guess.

Then they settled on an opinion.. but

As for the comments written by other divers, or marine creatures enthusiasts, one of them wrote: “Oh my God, this thing is confusing. It may be the arm of the jellyfish,” while another wrote: “Maybe it is part of a jellyfish, but it may be the Nemetrea tapeworm Known in Arabic as the “proboscis worm” type, which Al-Arabiya.net found in the Internet, its family includes more than 1,400 species, some of which are terrestrial and most are marine. However, the opinion of Lucas and his colleagues, tended more that what they saw may be part of the jellyfish, according to what he told the newspaper.

Diver Lucas, between two pictures of what he witnessed for himself with his colleagues

The reason is that another group of divers saw the “thing” that many media reported about the “Daily Mirror” and its image, and produced a video about it after it also puzzled them, and then explained that what appeared to them were the remains of the jellyfish’s arms, perhaps after being devoured by a sea turtle. “They kept moving a little, because it wasn’t long after the tortoise devoured it.” This is the only explanation for the appearance of that “thing” to them, but nothing is absolutely 100% certain, for what they saw might actually be a new creature.

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