Danny Alves has made contact with Barcelona, ​​who need to decide

Danny Alves has made contact with Barcelona, ​​who need to decide
Danny Alves has made contact with Barcelona, ​​who need to decide

Danny Alves has been documented in recent days in Barcelona, ​​in what initially seemed like an innocent visit, but it could very well not be the case. The esteemed journalist Oriol Domenech reported tonight (Friday to Saturday) that the Brazilian defender, who is currently without a team, offered himself to Barça where he played between 2008 and 2016.

The 38-year-old recently released player from Sao Paulo is the most decorated in football history and is defined by many as the best right-back in Barcelona history. The team has not yet decided on his case and will have to do so, when in his appeal to the club he claimed that the money would not be an obstacle, and he even made it clear to his agents that his priority is Barça.

Albes Will be able to greatly influence the locker room positively and give the team from his vast experience. In his interview in Catalonia a little less than a year ago, he said: “I always thought to myself that one day I would return to Barça somehow, this is the club I love, my city and my home, here I want to live. Even if only as a fan – I will return for sure. “

Since he canceled his contract in Sao Paulo, the Brazilian will have to wait at least until January to join a new team. TV3 added that Alves had contacted senior Catalan officials and was told that the club would need time to resolve the issue. On paper, the team has in the squad Serginio Dest, Sergi Roberto and Oscar Mingsa who can play on the right side of the defense, but no one questions Alves’ qualities.

In the ‘Mundo Deportivo’ they referred to the possible return of Alves but detailed that at this point the club has rejected his re-signing on the grounds that the team does not want to add veteran players and is pleased with the trend of making the staff younger.

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