The English Clubs Association responds to the demands of Guardiola and Klopp

The English Clubs Association announced that it will allow 5 substitutions to be made in the EFL Cup matches, during the current season.

This decision was adopted after a discussion between the English Clubs Association and the “Premier League”, and it will start working from the next (fourth) round, whose matches will be held this month.

And the Spanish Pep Guardiola, coach of the Manchester City team, had demanded that 5 substitutions be allowed a while ago, noting that England is the only country that allows only 3 substitutions in matches, in his statements after the overthrow of Wycombe’s team in the previous rounds of the tournament.

Guardiola added: “These decisions are the reason behind the injuries. We play matches every 3 days without preparation and without a pre-season period.”

As German Jurgen Klopp, coach of the Liverpool team, expressed his support for the increase in the number of substitutions, saying: “This is not an advantage, but a 100% necessity. All other countries adopt 5 substitutions, and therefore the matter needs to be discussed again.”

And 14 of the remaining 16 clubs in the tournament sent a proposal on the need to increase the number of substitutions, expressing concern about the crowded schedule of matches in the coming months.


English Clubs Association responds demands Guardiola Klopp

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