Consensus Cloud Solutions expands its service offering

Consensus Cloud Solutions expands its service offering
Consensus Cloud Solutions expands its service offering

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Consensus Cloud Solutions (NASDAQ: CCSI) (hereinafter “Consensus”) was born as a secure digital document exchange solution over 25 years ago and has grown into a leading global technology in cloud digital fax. On October 8, 2021, Consensus Cloud Solutions went public as an independent company focused on serving data-driven, compliance-based organizations in the healthcare, financial, legal and manufacturing sectors.

Consensus’ suite of solutions will do more than securely transfer documents. In Consensus’ workflow, documents are optimized by applying advanced natural language processing technology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to transform unstructured documents into structured intelligent data – enabling easy extraction of useful in-depth information. This data exchange technology supports HL7/FHIR protocols and direct messaging and can be used to accelerate critical decision-making processes.

Consensus’ new suite of solutions will create an opportunity to focus on the growing need for secure and easy ways to access, transform, improve, and share actionable data using innovative, market-leading interoperability capabilities.

“The exciting aspect of Conssensus’ existence as an independent public company is that we are now dictating the pace of innovation in bringing new products and services to market,” said Scott Torricci, CEO of Conssensus. It helps providers, payers and caregivers to improve communications. Additionally, as we work with regulated organizations, much of what we offer can be applied to document-based sectors such as legal, financial and manufacturing.”

The Consensus family of secure healthcare interoperability solutions offer the following features:

Unified digital environment that improves workflow

Real-time health event notifications

On-demand patient inquiries

Secure direct messaging

Universal APIs

Natural language processing/artificial intelligence

· electronic signature

Hightrust CSF certified cloud digital fax

About “Consensus Cloud Solutions”

Consensus Cloud Solutions (NASDAQ: CCSI) has been a global leader in cloud digital fax technology for more than 25 years. The company uses its technology heritage to provide secure solutions that transform simple digital documents into advanced HL7/FHIR health care for secure data exchange. Consensus offers e-fax software, the world leader in web fax, Consensus Unite and Consensus Harmony interoperability solutions, ConsensusSignal for automated, secure real-time healthcare communications, and Consensus Clarity The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution, and Jay Sign for electronic digital signatures. For more information on ConsenSOS, please visit: .

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