British warnings.. Additional generation capacities to avoid power outages are very limited

British warnings.. Additional generation capacities to avoid power outages are very limited
British warnings.. Additional generation capacities to avoid power outages are very limited

Britain has announced that a major energy cable linking it with France will not be fully operational until October 2023, after it was destroyed by a fire last month.
And the “Bloomberg” news agency quoted the National Networks Authority in Britain as saying in a statement yesterday that half of the length of the cable, known as “EFA-1”, has a capacity of 200 megawatts.
She confirmed that he remained healthy and will return to work on October 20, while the other half will return to work gradually starting from October 2022, thus the date of his return to work will be seven months later than previous expectations.
Britain is facing an energy crisis with the high prices of electricity and natural gas, which has led to the suspension of 13 power generation facilities since the beginning of last August. The National Grid Authority has warned that the additional generation capacity needed to avoid power outages this winter is very limited.
“Our focus is entirely on restoring the EFA-1 cable to service safely, as quickly as possible, and on ensuring that we are able to ensure the availability of supplies,” the authority said in a statement.
The fire that broke out in a transformer station caused the unavailability of 1,000 megawatts of electricity this winter, and the company that runs the cable will provide 1,500 megawatts during the next winter before reducing the quantity again to 1,000 megawatts in the summer, provided that the cable returns to full capacity in October. 2023.
In a related context, the rate of electricity generation from coal in the country rose to its highest level in a month, as electricity generation from wind decreased while morning demand witnessed an increase, Bloomberg News Agency reported yesterday.
Coal units operated by Grax Group, Uniper and Électricity de France were commissioned yesterday morning, bringing the total power output generated from burning coal to 1,493 megawatts, equivalent to about 3 percent of demand.
Energy prices were stable at more than £1,000 per megawatt-hour at yesterday’s auction, as natural gas costs continued to rise and winds fell, leading to an increase in coal-fired power generation.
“The UK may increase reliance on coal energy production in the short term amid rising gas prices, making coal commercially viable in the short term,” Royal Bank of Canada Europe said in an email. It is noteworthy that energy prices in Europe jumped to record levels recently, amid expectations of further increases due to the exacerbation of the shortage of supplies with the onset of the winter season.


British warnings Additional generation capacities avoid power outages limited

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