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Emirates News Agency – Emirates Newspapers Editorials
Emirates News Agency – Emirates Newspapers Editorials

ABU DHABI, 16th October / WAM / The editorials of local newspapers issued today shed light on the efforts of the UAE to spread peace and consolidate stability around the world, based on its human heritage and civilizational message based on upholding the values ​​of love and tolerance and rejecting intolerance.

Local newspapers also dealt with the scene in Tunisia after the announcement of the formation of a new government headed by Najla Boden, with 24 ministers, including ten women, in a precedent that is the first in the history of Tunisia, in terms of heading the government and the women participating in it.

For its part, under the title “Capital of Peace”, the newspaper “Al Bayan” wrote in its editorial, “Since its establishment, the UAE has devoted itself as a key player and an important partner in the success of peace initiatives at the regional and international levels, based on its human heritage and civilizational message based on upholding the values ​​of love, tolerance and rejection of intolerance. The country adopts a successful policy and distinguished relations with all countries of the world based on peace and mutual respect, based on the wise leadership’s realization that the UAE has a responsible position at the Arab, regional and international levels.

The newspaper added, “It goes without saying that the UAE has a proven track record in spreading peace and consolidating stability around the world, and tolerance and moderation are a rooted culture that inhabits the conscience of its people, which is what made it the global capital of peace in which world cultures meet by embracing more than 200 nationalities from different countries of the world. Among them is love and affection in a country that presents a pioneering model of tolerance and pluralism.”

And she continued, “Whoever reviews the history of the UAE realizes the extent of the state’s keenness since its establishment on the values ​​of coexistence and integration, as the foundations of educating tolerance have been laid for its citizens and residents on its good land. The UAE has been at the fore in the Arab world and the Middle East, and its leadership has been present in all situations, reflecting its role in preserving On security and stability, and confronting the factors of unrest, as it is motivated by its firm belief in the importance of giving priority to the approach of cooperation and tolerance among nations and peoples, as the best way to achieve common interests and promote the development and prosperity process for all human beings.

The statement concluded its editorial by saying, “On the land of the Emirates, we find peaceful coexistence and human tolerance, which has been translated in its laws that support respect and peace among individuals, and ensure that every individual obtains his rights to live in a safe and happy environment. With a unique cultural diversity and a combination of the highest meanings of peace and tolerance.”

As for “Al Khaleej” newspaper, it wrote under the headline “A New Tunisia”: “Tunisia appears to be facing a completely new scene after the announcement of the formation of a government headed by Najla Boudin, with 24 ministers, including ten women, in a precedent that is the first in Tunisia’s history in terms of prime minister. But the most important thing is that President Qais Saeed blew up the old rules of the game in the formation of governments, which were based on political quotas and suspicious political coalitions that wreaked corruption and looting of public money during the years following the popular revolution in 2010. facing a mountain of economic and social challenges.

The newspaper said, “The Tunisian president’s decisions have poured out a torrent of ink, and raised many questions and controversies between those who described his decisions as “courageous”, and those who described them as “coup.” His government, and a coup, because it completely cut off from the previous political system, and dropped all accounts of those who were betting that he would not be able to bypass the reality of a party that had established itself and became an inevitable fate for the Tunisian people.”

She added, “In his last meeting with the Prime Minister after her formation, Saied called for the necessity of reducing prices and addressing all forms of speculation and monopoly by legal means.” All transgressions and resistance to corruption.” In this way, he touches the popular demands for life, and believes that they must be met to banish the specter of hunger and poverty, which has become an urgent necessity to give the government popular legitimacy, and to give its decisions to freeze the work of the Parliament and dismiss the constitutional legitimacy of the Shishi government, as long as it fails to meet the basic needs It also failed to curb rampant corruption.

And she continued, “Some are now wondering about the role of the House of Representatives, whose functions were suspended under the “extraordinary measures” taken by Said on July 25. The answer is that this parliament, which was in the custody of the “Brotherhood” group, represented by the “Ennahda Movement”, and its head Rashid Ghannouchi. He was a partner in the failure of the institutions’ work, as well as the failure to be the legislative authority that takes the concerns of the citizen and the interests of the country into account.It can be said that this parliament has expired and has become unnecessary, especially since a number of MPs left the country to escape accountability, and some of them He is imprisoned, and some of them are being prosecuted, and some of them refuse to return to parliament in its previous form.Therefore, it is expected that President Saied will continue his reform mission by amending the constitution and drafting a new electoral law in preparation for new elections, provided that this will be presented in a popular referendum that fortifies and grants them constitutional legitimacy.

Al-Khaleej concluded its editorial by saying, “In fact, we are in front of a new Tunisia, which is bringing the Jasmine Revolution back to the right path after the Brotherhood stole it for 11 years.”

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