An air depression coming from Turkey will affect Lebanon.. Rain and cold winds on this date

Father Elie Khneisser, a meteorologist, said on his Facebook page that a stormy depression hit Greece with torrential rains, which caused floods in Athens and many cities and snow fell on the mountains, and deviated towards Turkey, which will affect the Syrian coast and Lebanon during the coming days in a state of instability, so sporadic rains fall Sunday and continues until Wednesday intermittently accompanied by local thunderstorms.

Today’s weather, Saturday, is cloudy with a slight drop in temperatures, which is expected to drop sharply on Sunday and Monday due to the cold winds coming from eastern Greece..

Sunday’s weather is cloudy with scattered rain, especially on the coast and the western mountains.

How will the temperatures be distributed?

On the coast: 27 degrees in the day and 23 at night

In the Bekaa: 22 degrees during the day and 13 at night

On the mountains 1200 meters: 21 day and 12 night

On the mountains 2000 meters: 16 day and 07 night

Wind: Westerly, gusting between 10 and 25 km per hour, active on Sunday, touching 55 km per hour

Atmospheric pressure: 1016hpa

Humidity: between 70 and 80%


air depression coming Turkey affect Lebanon Rain cold winds date

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