Colombian players celebrate a goal in a killer time…but that’s what happened! (video)

The Colombia national football team came out with a 0-0 defeat against its Ecuadorian guest in the 12th round of the South American qualifiers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The match witnessed dramatic events, most notably the cancellation of a goal scored by Colombian defender Yari Mina in the tenth minute, calculated instead of lost, after resorting to the video technology “VAR”, which showed the player touching the ball with his hand before following it into the net.

Before that, the referee awarded a penalty kick to Ecuador, but retracted his decision after resorting to the “VAR” as well, due to offside in a previous shot, at the 74th minute of the meeting, which was held at the “Metropolitano Roberto Melendez” stadium in the Colombian city of Barranquilla.

Colombia was satisfied with an orphan point after this draw at home, raising its score to 16 points, and occupying the fourth place that qualifies directly to the World Cup finals, taking advantage of the crushing defeat that the Uruguayan team suffered against its Brazilian host (1-4), and its relegation to the position Fifth qualifying for the FIFA supplement.

While the Ecuador team came out with a valuable point from the land of its opponent, raising its score to 17 points and advanced to third place on the ranking ladder.


Colombian players celebrate goal killer timebut happened video

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