After a bloody day, Riyadh and Kuwait hope for stability in Lebanon

After a bloody day, Riyadh and Kuwait hope for stability in Lebanon
After a bloody day, Riyadh and Kuwait hope for stability in Lebanon
– What did Saudi Arabia confirm?

Standing in solidarity with the Lebanese people.

– What did the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry call for in its statement?

Self-control, burying sedition, and adhering to the constitution and the law.

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait announced their solidarity with Lebanon due to the security tension it has been going through since yesterday, Thursday, which has caused deaths and injuries, and expressed their aspirations for the return of calm and stability to ensure the security of the Lebanese people.

Today, Friday, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Kingdom is following with interest the current events in Lebanon, expressing its hope that the situation will stabilize as soon as possible.

According to a statement by the ministry, which was published on its Twitter page, Saudi Arabia affirmed its standing and solidarity with the “brotherly Lebanese people.”

The statement explained that Saudi Arabia is looking forward to “Lebanon peace and security by ending the possession and use of weapons outside the framework of the state, and strengthening the Lebanese state for the benefit of all Lebanese without exception.”

He added that “the brotherly Lebanese people deserve stability in their homeland, growth in their economy, and security that dispels terrorism.”

For its part, the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry said in a statement, Friday, that it “followed with great concern the developments of the situation in brotherly Lebanon, and the events that took place there on Thursday, which led to the killing and wounding of a number of people.”

The ministry called on the “brothers in Lebanon to exercise restraint, bury sedition, and abide by the constitution and the law in a way that preserves Lebanon’s security and stability, and enables the government to carry out its responsibilities and confront the crises that the brotherly country suffers from, in a way that enables the international community to help it.”

The ministry concluded its statement by affirming “the State of Kuwait’s solidarity with Lebanon and its support for everything that would enhance its security, stability and sovereignty and achieve the aspirations of its brotherly people.”

Six people were killed and at least 30 wounded, yesterday, Thursday, in armed clashes that included an exchange of fire and rocket-propelled grenades, coinciding with a demonstration by Hezbollah and Amal supporters against the judicial investigator in the Beirut port explosion case, Tariq Bitar, in an escalation that threatens to plunge the country into a new crisis.

In recent days, “Bitar” was subjected to a campaign of pressure led by Hezbollah, to object to his summoning of former ministers and security personnel for questioning in the context of investigations related to the Beirut explosion.

Hezbollah and its ally Amal Movement lead the position rejecting Bitar’s work, accusing him of “discrimination and politicization”, which prompted the United States to express its rejection of what it described as “intimidation” of the judge, saying that “Hezbollah’s terrorism undermines Lebanon’s sovereignty.”

It is noteworthy that the Beirut Port explosion, on August 4, 2020, killed 218 people and injured more than 6,500 others, in addition to extensive destruction in the capital. The authorities attributed the explosion to the storage of large quantities of ammonium nitrate without protective measures.

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