We will not back down from disqualifying the harbor judge

Hezbollah continued its defiance of the judicial authority in Lebanon, stressing that it will not back down from the hand of the judicial investigator in the case of the explosion of the port of Beirut, Tariq Bitar.

The deputy head of the party’s Executive Council, Ali Damouche, stressed today, Friday, according to the National News Agency (an official agency), that the process of removing Judge Bitar “will continue and will not retreat.”

Commenting on the bloody events that took place in the capital, Beirut yesterday, he considered what happened “a deliberate and planned act carried out by the Lebanese Forces Party with American instigation.”

In addition, he stressed that this case will remain open until “retribution” is imposed on the killers and criminals whose names and affiliations are known, and those who carried out, planned and incited them will not escape accountability and punishment, as he put it.

From the events of Beirut 10/14-2021 (AFP)

Enough insulting the judiciary

On the other hand, the Lebanese Judges Club condemned in a statement today the insult to the judicial body.

He also confirmed that “the judiciary has said its word, in terms of rejecting requests to respond to the judicial investigator in the port crime.” He added, “He who has two ears, let him hear the voice of the law well, and stop tampering with the last fortress of the idea of ​​the state.”

A member of the Amal movement, an ally of Hezbollah, during the clashes in Beirut yesterday (AFP)

A farrier remains the master of his file

In addition, he called for the solidarity of all judges and their unity around the Supreme Judicial Council and its president, to prevent any attempt to exceed the powers of the judiciary. He stressed the need to confront any attempt to abuse and bully the judicial authority from outside it, with the aim of restraining the hand of the judicial investigator using devious means.

He also stressed that Bitar remains the master of his file as long as no decision is issued by the competent authority to reject or disqualify him.

From the Beirut clashes (AFP)

It is noteworthy that this unprecedented escalation and tension in Lebanon came after supporters of the party and the Amal movement gathered yesterday in front of the Palace of Justice in Beirut to demand the removal of Bitar, but things quickly deteriorated in security, and clashes took place with bullets and shells in the Tayouneh area, Al-Shiah and Ain Al-Remmaneh, which led to 6 dead and more than 30 wounded.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah and Amal militants were deployed in the streets and roads, parading with heavy weapons.

It is noteworthy that, during the past weeks, the leader of Hezbollah had directed several criticisms of the judicial investigator after he demanded the questioning of former ministers and deputies revolving in the party’s orbit.

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