Several meetings of Miqati in the Grand Serail

Several meetings of Miqati in the Grand Serail
Several meetings of Miqati in the Grand Serail

Prime Minister Najib Mikati held a series of ministerial meetings in his office today, beginning with Minister of Justice Henry Khoury. They discussed with him the file of the events that took place yesterday in the Tayouneh area, and it was stressed the need to expedite the investigations that began to reveal the full details of what happened and to refer those involved and those involved in the attack. to the competent judiciary.
The Prime Minister was also briefed by the Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Bassam Mawlawi, about the atmosphere of the Central Security Council’s deliberations yesterday.
President Mikati met with the Minister of National Defense, Maurice Selim, and briefed him on the measures taken by the army.
As for the financial issue, the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister, His Excellency Al-Shami, made a preliminary presentation of the economic plan that Lebanon will submit to the International Monetary Fund, provided that the relevant ministerial committee will hold meetings in the coming days to finalize all the details.
The Prime Minister discussed with Finance Minister Youssef Khalil the final stages of preparing the 2022 budget.
The Prime Minister presented with Energy Minister Walid Fayyad Jadid contacts with the Jordanian and Egyptian sides regarding supplying Lebanon with energy and gas.
President Mikati met with Minister of State for Administrative Development Najla Riachi, who briefed him on the details of the conference that the ministry will hold, under the patronage of the Prime Minister, on the twenty-sixth of this month entitled “Implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy”.

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meetings Miqati Grand Serail

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