The Minister of Interior reveals new facts about the events of Tayouneh… What did he say?

Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi indicated that he did not accuse the Lebanese Forces party of fabricating the Tayouneh events, adding: “What I said was that we were following up with the organizers of the demonstration, and they did not say that they were in the process of rioting and arming, and the heads of the security services denied their prior knowledge of dangerous security data.”

He pointed out that what happened is not normal and should not have happened, and the “WhatsApp” circulated did not include any talk about any weapon.

Mawlawi added: “There is a possibility that there may be a default by the proactive security services, and I explained in a statement my position and specified it about the words of the Minister of Culture, Muhammad Murtada, in the cabinet, and “no one gives an order to anyone.”


Minister Interior reveals facts events Tayouneh

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