A doctor reveals a health risk related to eating poultry meat

A doctor reveals a health risk related to eating poultry meat
A doctor reveals a health risk related to eating poultry meat

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A British study indicated that consumption of poultry meat can cause malignant skin, prostate and lymphoma cancers.

Oncologist and chemist, Andrei Bazilev, confirmed that chicken and turkey meat can cause cancer, as quoted by the “Izvesita” website.

Bazilev added that the study included more than 500 thousand people, which resulted in the diagnosis of 23 thousand Britons with various cancerous diseases, due to the use of antibiotics and other substances in the production of poultry, gaining weight and giving meat a longer shelf life, and scientists also found that eating 30 grams of white meat It causes cancer risks, and the specialist advised consumers to buy white meat that does not use chemicals in its production.

Some experts add that the way chicken is cooked or the type of oil that is used may play a role in developing lymphoma, and it is also possible to increase the risk of eating chicken meat due to some autoimmune diseases that suggest that chicken meat is easier to digest than red meat.

Some previous studies have evaluated the increased risk of red meat consumption with increased death rates. Eating red meat and processed meat has also been associated with the risk of colon and rectal cancer in addition to breast cancer.

Oncologist Anton Ivanov said that consuming drugs that contain estrogen, such as various contraceptives and hormone-regulating drugs, may increase the risk of some types of cancer.


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doctor reveals health risk related eating poultry meat

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