Washington responds.. Moscow’s account of the destroyer is “incorrect”

The Pacific Fleet of the US Navy confirmed that what the Russian Ministry of Defense reported regarding the interaction between two US and Russian ships is “incorrect”.

The fleet said in a statement, on Friday, that the USS Shafee was conducting routine operations in international waters in the Sea of ​​Japan, when a Russian Udaloy-class destroyer approached it for about 60 meters.

The statement also added that the interaction was “safe and professional” despite Russia’s notice to the seafarers. The Navy explained that the US ship’s operations were in accordance with international law and applicable custom.

The statement also stressed that the United States will continue its naval and air operations where international law permits.

violation of territorial waters

On Friday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that a Russian military ship had thwarted an alleged attempt by the US destroyer U.S. Navy. SS Xavi for violating Russian territorial waters in the Sea of ​​Japan.

The ministry revealed that the accident occurred during a Russian-Chinese naval maneuvers in the Sea of ​​Japan, explaining that the crew of the Russian ship, Admiral Tributs, warned on an international communication channel that such moves were not permissible, and informed the American destroyer that it had entered an area closed to navigation due to artillery fire exercises, according to the statement. As reported by the Russian news agency Interfax.

Naval maneuvers

It is noteworthy that the joint Russian-Chinese exercises “Naval Cooperation 2021” are taking place from October 14 to 17, and warships and support ships from the Russian Pacific Fleet, including minesweepers and a submarine, are participating.

In return, two destroyers, a submarine and two cruisers are among the ships sent by Beijing to participate in the exercises.

In addition, the press service of the Russian Pacific Fleet said in a statement that the ships of the Russian Navy and the Chinese Navy during the 2021 Naval Interaction exercise in the Sea of ​​Japan fired artillery fire to destroy mines, as part of the fight against mine risks.

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