The UAE silences the tongues of the bidders in the human rights file

The UAE silences the tongues of the bidders in the human rights file
The UAE silences the tongues of the bidders in the human rights file

Some international human rights organizations have often criticized the UAE in the file of human rights, and have often sought with all their might to tarnish the image of the UAE.

These organizations have often bought screens, channels, media platforms and platforms to bomb the UAE, and to frame accusations against it in the human rights file.

It is strange that these organizations forgot that they were talking about the emirates of glory and goodness that received refugees from all countries and treated them as they treat the people of the country.

And they are the emirates of love and peace that planted in the region the values ​​of love and coexistence among all religions, races, races and colors.

And it is the emirates of giving and sacrifice, which were the most countries in the world that provided support and medical and preventive supplies when the Corona pandemic struck the whole world, and shook the prestige of great countries, while the Emirates were firmly in place and supportive of all the peoples of the earth without any interests and without any return.

These organizations have also forgotten everything that the UAE has done in the field of combating black terrorism, which, without the efforts of the UAE, would have eaten everything in the “country” of these organizations.

Although these organizations continued to bark against the majestic Emirates, the Emirates, with its well-known pride, refused to go down in the level of response to these customers, and that the UAE’s response befits it and its global standing.

Until the response of the emirates of wisdom and greatness came in the place that befits them, and not in some newspapers and yellow TV channels, as those suspicious organizations do.. So the UAE’s response came under the dome of the United Nations, under the eyes and ears of the whole world after 180 countries voted in favor of the UAE to be a member of the Rights Council The United Nations for the period between 2022 and 2024.

So, after the countries of the world have recognized the efforts of the UAE, will those politicized organizations that claim to protect human rights have any credibility?

Finally, my beloved… God Almighty says: “So does God strike right and wrong. As for the scum, it goes away as scum, and as for what benefits people, it stays on the earth.”

The more the enemies of the Emirates try to limit its influence, it expands, and the more they try to tarnish its image, the more beautiful it becomes, and the more ugly it becomes.
May God protect the Emirates… its flag is high… and always expensive.

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