The Kingdom at the Euro-Asian Forum: Empowering Saudi women is a journey that has no end

The Kingdom at the Euro-Asian Forum: Empowering Saudi women is a journey that has no end
The Kingdom at the Euro-Asian Forum: Empowering Saudi women is a journey that has no end

I continued the work of the meetings of the Third Euro-Asian Forum for Women currently being held in St. Petersburg in the Russian Federation, organized by the Federal Council of the Federal Assembly “Senate” of the Russian Federation, in cooperation with the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the CIS Member States, entitled “Global Mission” In a new reality”, where Dr. Hanan bint Abdul Rahim Al-Ahmadi, assistant to the Speaker of the Shura Council, will participate in it, heading a delegation from the Shura Council.
During the opening of the forum on its second day, Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation gave a speech in which he stressed that the forum brings together political women leaders, businesswomen and activists in the public sector from more than 100 countries around the world, which is unbelievable in light of the circumstances the world is going through today. .
In his speech during the conference, the Russian President indicated that women, with their great awareness of the value of life and compassion, have always had a special mission in the field of health care, stressing his confidence that this will continue in the future, and that women will have a role in developing the health care sector, medicine, and protecting public health. Taking into account the lessons learned from the epidemic, he praised female doctors and workers in the health sector for everything they do in the face of the Corona virus in the whole world.
For her part, the Assistant Speaker of the Shura Council, during her speech at the open session titled “The Women’s Group in the Work of the G20 Summit W20, and the Role of Women in Restoring Stability” praised the Kingdom’s hosting of the G20 meetings and the Kingdom’s hosting of the G20 summit meetings, including the W20 Women’s Group In a difficult period for the whole world, noting that the challenge was great due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, which prompted the meetings to be held via video communication.
In her speech, Dr. Al-Ahmadi indicated that the final declaration and recommendations of the Women’s Group in the G20 emphasized the economic roles of women, support for entrepreneurship, support for women to assume leadership positions and participate in decision-making in the public and private sectors, and other aspects of women’s empowerment.
She noted that empowering women is a journey that has no end line, and that all countries of the world are working hard to reach their goal and achieve their goals in the field of women’s empowerment, stressing that the women of the Kingdom are proud of the march of women’s empowerment in the Kingdom, as the first step in this journey was the start of women’s education In the sixties, and since that time, the Kingdom has managed to balance enabling opportunities between the sexes in the field of education through educational programs and scholarships, whereby Saudi women have achieved the highest educational degrees.
She referred to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and its programs led by the Crown Prince, during which the file of women’s empowerment received great attention from the Kingdom’s leadership, and formed one of its most prominent axes, and the development of the legislative system is the most effective way to achieve empowerment. Women have rights, including equal wages, providing job opportunities for women in all sectors, supporting women in leadership positions, and promoting women’s personal rights.
Dr. Al-Ahmadi indicated that there is a great legislative movement in the Kingdom with regard to women’s rights, including the issuance of a law related to combating harassment, laws that support women who provide for their families, and decisions that give them the ability to move, such as the right to drive a car, in addition to many supportive and possible decisions for women, noting This was only possible with the great support found by Saudi women from the leadership, emphasizing the important legislative role of the Shura Council in this great movement through its legislative, supervisory and parliamentary roles.

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