Xbox Mini Fridge pre-order now open for $100!

Xbox Mini Fridge pre-order now open for $100!
Xbox Mini Fridge pre-order now open for $100!

The refrigerator that every big Xbox fan has dreamed of is close to becoming a reality. Today, Microsoft announced that pre-orders for the Xbox Mini Fridge will begin on October 19.

The pre-order link hasn’t been released yet, but the company said, “In the first batch, the ‘Xbox Mini Fridge’ will be available at Target and for $99.99, and is our exclusive US distributor.” In Canada, users will be able to purchase through, according to Microsoft.

The 18-inch-high refrigerator came as a joke to begin with; Where the 2019 announcement from Microsoft caused the platform Xbox Series X Starting comparisons of netizens with the shape of the refrigerator. In response, the company later built a real six-foot refrigerator in the shape of an Xbox Series X console, and then gave it to a lucky winner in a competition it ran.

Microsoft then made the decision to sell a mini version of the refrigerator after the company won the Twitter Best Brand Contest. The quantity of refrigerators made has not been reported, but the product may still be sold even outside the holiday season.

“We are working to bring the largest number of Xbox Mini Fridges to the largest number of fans and will continue to expand availability across different regions in 2022, due to pending restrictions and laws specific to each market,” the company spoke.

The new product may serve as a consolation if you can’t get the real Xbox Series X, which keeps disappearing from major stores due to limited quantities. The refrigerator can hold ten cans of soft drinks.

If you live outside North America, Microsoft confirmed: “For fans in Europe, the Xbox ‘Mini Fridge’ will be available from GAME stores in the UK (£89.99); for fans in France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland you can get Get them from Game Stop EU (€99.00), Micromania (€99.00) or Toynk (via Amazon).” With units available for sale in December.

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