61.5 billion dirhams spending on technology in the UAE

61.5 billion dirhams spending on technology in the UAE
61.5 billion dirhams spending on technology in the UAE

Yousef Al Arabi (Abu Dhabi)

Spending on communications and information technology in the UAE will reach 61.5 billion dirhams during 2021, according to data from IDC, a global organization specialized in communications and information technology research.
According to the data reviewed by the Union, the total spending on communications and information technology in the country will grow by 5.96% in 2022, according to an analytical study by the Data Corporation. Jweti Lalchandani, Group Vice President and Regional General Manager of IDC for the Middle East and Africa, told Al-Ittihad that the ICT sector in the UAE has begun to regain its growth path with the support of emerging technologies.

accelerated investments
He explained that organizations are considering accelerating investments in advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, cyber security, big data, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and “blockchain”. Lal-Chandani added that more public and private sector companies have begun to reap many benefits as a result of using emerging technologies, as they are able to improve their performance in completing daily transactions, given the role of this technology in reducing the total cost needed to develop the technological infrastructure.
He said that the government, banking and telecommunications sectors will continue to lead the growth of the ICT sector in the countries of the region in the coming years, in conjunction with the implementation of many huge initiatives and projects in the private and government sectors, especially in the fields of education, health care and energy in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Lal Chandani said that with the UAE’s focus on building a digital economy based on innovation, technical events such as GITEX Technology 2021 have become of paramount importance as the country’s plans to double the size of its digital economy over the next ten years support rapid digital transformation efforts across sectors.
He pointed out that such distinguished events as GITEX act as catalysts for this digital advancement by educating the market through thought leadership, showcasing innovations and best practices, and facilitating and developing the ecosystem through partnerships and networks.

Positive effect
He said that Expo 2020 Dubai had a significant impact on the technology sector through two main tracks, the first being the direct impact of large-scale infrastructure investments required for the exhibition, such as digital infrastructure expenditures associated with new facilities at the exhibition site, transportation infrastructure, etc.
Lal Chandani pointed out that the second indirect path came through ICT investments by new companies that start their operations, while existing companies are accelerating their digital transformation to meet the needs of new businesses and visitors.
He added: The most significant impact came from the tourism and hospitality sectors, followed by the construction, transportation, real estate, retail and utilities sectors.


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