The traveling circus of the Israeli team needs to stop

The traveling circus of the Israeli team needs to stop
The traveling circus of the Israeli team needs to stop

The Football Association turned the World Cup qualifying campaign into a traveling circus for the Israeli team. In total, the national team played and will play in four different stadiums its home games – twice in Bloomfield against Denmark and Scotland, against Austria in Sami Ofer, Moldova in Toto Turner and the last game on 15.11 against the Faroe Islands the team will play in Netanya.

It is not by chance that only about 9,000 fans came to the last game of the team in the WC with an income of only about NIS 540,000. The national team cannot sell subscriptions to fans in advance for all games.

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There is no reason for a fan of the team who lives in Haifa, for example, to travel to BS or even someone who lives in the central area will not rush and leave everything to get south to watch the team. In the national team.

This team is not a team, certainly when it is a team that has almost no representatives on the team. The thought from the football association’s point of view was – let’s make it possible for the whole country to see the team, but for a national team this is a misconception. True, since the team stopped playing in the old-fashioned Raj Stadium, it does not really have one house, but in order to create a permanent audience, an audience that will attend all the games, a captive audience, the Football Association must make a decision for its next games – stop with the traveling circus. Other.

The Football Association currently has Bloomfield Stadium, it must become the permanent home of the Israeli team until it builds a new stadium here that will serve as the permanent home of the team. Sami Ofer can also be considered. All the options of Teddy, Toto Turner, and Netanya can no longer be on the agenda. In advance, when the Football Association determined that the last game in the World Cup qualifiers against the Faroe Islands will take place in Netanya, it is in fact a decision of ‘we can not bring a lot of spectators, because there is a lack of interest because of the unattractive opponent.

The marketing department and decision makers in the Football Association need to wake up, this is the easiest choice, so as not to strain. You have to make it so that almost in advance, the team will sell almost all the places for its games through subscriptions and in addition leave hundreds more tickets just for the benefit of soldiers, but get out of the unsuccessful perception, and not interested in this or that pressure exerted on you by mayors, politicians etc. Bottom line – disconnect decisions from all politics, at least in the public interest.

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