The opening of the Adel Hakim International Table Tennis Championship

Lyrics by George Copley, Salim Hajj Nicola, and Rock Hakim

The “Adel Hakim 4th International Table Tennis Tournament” opened yesterday, Friday, which will be held in Ghazir Club Hall over three days under the supervision of the Lebanese Table Tennis Federation.

The attendance was presented by the President of the Olympic Committee, Pierre Galakh, his deputy, Asaad Al-Nakhl, the President of the Table Tennis Association, George Copley, the honorary president of the Federation, Salim Hajj Nicolas, the members of the Table Tennis Association, the head of the Sports Department of the Lebanese Kataeb Party, Dr. Tariq Assaf, the heads and members of the delegations of Arab countries, artists, The game family in Lebanon includes presidents, club officials, coaches, players, press and media.

Hajj Nicolas

The opening ceremony included the entry of the referees, male and female players to the field, and the Lebanese national anthem was played. A welcome speech was given by the master of the ceremony, member of the organizing committee, Elias Boutros, in which he welcomed the attendees on behalf of the committee. Three and more than a hundred years old, it was called in 1971 the Peace Ball and we add a new name to its name and we call it the Ball of Loyalty. Adel Hakim was never a table tennis player, technician or administrator within her family, but his liver is a hero of its heroes and holder of the Lebanon Cup to this day He is a wise and fair rocker who chose his sport in honor of loyalty and honoring his memory. And here we are today in its fourth edition. Despite everything you are, we are here and we go back to the year 1997 with the first international championship organized by the Federation and in which most of the world champions participated, and it was one of the most successful tournaments with the recognition of the International Federation. And after 25 years Lebanon is still suffering under the pressure of the inside and the pressure of the outside, and the Lebanese table tennis, this Olympic sport with distinction, is steadfast and continuous, and the Antoine Choueiri hall in Ghazir Club welcomes you and is proud of you.”


The third speech of the President of the Table Tennis Association, George Copley, during which he announced the union’s support for such courses, whether local or international, and added, “I see a smile on your faces despite the circumstances we live in, and your love and passion for table tennis. Rock is wise in the tournament that bears his father’s name.

rock wise

The last word of the tournament organizer, the holder of the Lebanon Cup title, the international player Rock Hakim, said, “I would like to thank the Lebanese Table Tennis Federation for overseeing the tournament and all those who contributed to its establishment at all levels.” 100 male and female players from five Arab countries: Egypt, Sudan, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

An interesting exhibition match was held, in which the heroes, Rock Hakim, Joseph Shalhoub and Muhammad Al-Habsh, participated. Then, Rock Hakim presented memorial shields (from Woodimad Company to Jalakh, Copley, Hajj Nicholas, Assaf and Maestro Elie El Olaya.

The preliminary qualifiers were launched for the four age groups, where the players were divided into four age groups, between 30 and 39 years, between 40 and 49 years, and between 50 and 59 years, and 60 years and above. The organizing committee of the tournament added a special category for women for the first time in the history of the tournament. And on Saturday morning The competitions will continue from ten in the morning until the evening, and the tournament will conclude on Sunday with the final matches for the singles, teams and doubles categories, so that a ceremony will be held to crown the winners and winners.

The championship is supervised by the head of the technical committee in the federation, Fadi Kassis, and the general referee of the session, the holder of the blue badge, Imad Merheb (the vice-chairman of the referees committee in the Lebanese federation).

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