Russian doctor warns against taking nutritional supplements

Russian physician Viktor Lishin reveals the dangers of taking nutritional supplements.

  • Russian doctor warns against taking nutritional supplements

The Russian physician, Viktor Lishin, explained how dangerous it is to take nutritional supplements. He spoke about this to the channel “Vechernaya Moskva”.

According to the doctor, these drugs should not be taken without the doctor’s recommendation, moreover, it is not recommended to take nutritional supplements before vaccination against corona except with a medical prescription.

And if there is a deficiency in the vitamins of group B, it should be raised because this vitamin helps reduce symptoms after the vaccination.

According to him, supplements should only be taken if there are indications for this, and should not be taken only to improve the health of the body.

In addition, the person may be allergic to these drugs.

He also said: “Someone tolerates it well, someone has severe allergies and rashes. For example, vitamin B often causes rashes, so tests must be done first.”


Russian doctor warns nutritional supplements

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