The Rise and Fall of Eldad Perry

The Rise and Fall of Eldad Perry
The Rise and Fall of Eldad Perry

Eldad Perry was born in Netivot, under the name Eldad Yifrach. He studied law at Shaarei Mishpat College and after the army moved to Rehovot, where he worked as a young lawyer who mediated in real estate transactions. At the beginning of his career as a lawyer he formed a purchasing group and then engaged in real estate initiation. Perry was married for the third time and the father of seven children.

Less than a year ago, Judge Irit Weinberg-Notovich appointed Erez Hever, a temporary trustee of Eldad Perry’s assets, in bankruptcy proceedings. The judge issued a restraining order against the transfer of assets over Perry’s assets.

The trustee’s report revealed that Perry also took out loans from non-bank lenders while mortgaging his personal assets.

The trustee emphasized several times in the report that in his investigations Eldad Perry cooperates fully and “invents documents and details for him at his request, and it appears that he is acting in full disclosure, with the aim of doing everything necessary to benefit the company and its creditors.”

The trustee noted that according to the details provided by the debtor, his monthly expenses amount to approximately NIS 54,000, of which Perry then paid approximately NIS 30,000. The report states that according to Perry, his father-in-law is assisting him and his wife in the said payments.

Eldad Perry’s investigations revealed that a private house in Rehovot where he lives, a loft apartment in Rehovot, a number of provident funds and a Jaguar car from 2012 are registered in his name. Perry Art Bat-Yam.

In the report, the trustee asked the court to issue an order to open proceedings against Eldad Perry.

A senior construction official told Israel Today: “Most of his activity was in the construction sector as part of a purchasing group. He was a broker of land transactions between the seller and the buyers of the apartments. He was not a contractor and he was not an entrepreneur. This is a legal activity, but she made a mess because in such an activity they ensured that the apartment would be significantly cheaper in the same area, because supposedly there is less profit. However, the contractor who builds should make a profit.

“In extreme cases in luxury apartments, there was a small difference in price. Bottom line, most apartments would arrive dramatically late. Although in the last decade they have already stopped promising when to get the apartment. Usually people would get the apartment with him would get the apartment twice as long because they “They usually want to save every penny and try to bring in less good professionals. They are committed to one thing – to hand over ownership of the land.”

He added: “Dozens of bodies work on each building and he centralizes them all and brings them all to meetings with the main contractor. Then they close what each of the tenants will get and then a war starts, who will get what. Everyone has to agree on the apartments because they were partners in public space.” .

Eldad Perry has made a long line of deals of which only a small fraction have been executed. He moved the land and there was no building. People were left without apartments and he stole some of the money. For this he came to court. Like him were Inbal Or and others before. I had no connection to anyone himself. I met him several times at events many years ago. He did not mingle in the construction industry because he is not a person from the industry. He would come to events that could be reached by customers, mass events. “

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