Raviv Drucker v. MK from the Likud: “Leaving dust to Orly Levy”

Raviv Drucker v. MK from the Likud: “Leaving dust to Orly Levy”
Raviv Drucker v. MK from the Likud: “Leaving dust to Orly Levy”
Raviv Drucker (PR)

After being in the headlines in recent days due to his refusal to support vaccines, MK Gadi Yabarkan from the Likud went on the air with Amnon Levy on Network 13 and got into a loud confrontation with veteran journalist Raviv Drucker. The exchange of accusations between the two came to mutual bites and slightly less pleasant trials thrown into the air.

Will shine Said: “You, really what I said, did not blue and white take me down from an interview with you?”, Amnon Levy He admitted: “They took down, but Omar had interviews and did not agree to you being interviewed,” Yabarkan replied: “Because Blue and White did not want to engage in racism and my decisions do not change, all my decisions are unpopular, I made brave decisions.”

Drucker Intervened and attacked: “Gadi really well, you changed the positions more than any other politician in Israeli politics, leaving dust on Orly Levy, it was not because of racism and social issues, what you said about Benjamin Netanyahu can not be printed, so do not play it for us now Kiryat Gat “Suddenly, this is the story of blue and white.”

The MK replied: “Mr. Drucker, I resigned legally from the Knesset,” Drucker intervened: “You resigned legally, I said you committed an offense? There are things that are not an offense, but a first-rate political immorality. “Yabarkan attacked:” Maybe I’m not in the political camp you want me to be in and then I will be a star and in order. ”

Drucker said: “Believe me, I will not be in any political camp with this behavior, not even in the religious Zionism of Bezalel Smutrich,” Yabarkan: “I would also suggest to the people of Israel that someone like you not appear on television screens,” Drucker signed and replied: ” We reached an agreement, we both do not want to see each other. ”

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