The cyber attack on Hillel is beautiful: a large part of the backup cannot be restored

The cyber attack on Hillel is beautiful: a large part of the backup cannot be restored
The cyber attack on Hillel is beautiful: a large part of the backup cannot be restored

At the Hillel Yaffe Medical Center in Hadera, they tried to return to a full routine today (Thursday), a day after the infidelity-type cyber attack, which damaged the hospital’s computer systems – but even a large part of the backup is currently unrecoverable. The medical staffs are working to find a replacement server – but the damage to the lost information is great. The cyber unit at Blade 433 is investigating the break-in in collaboration with international sources.

In the meantime, Hillel Yaffe is conducting a manual registration and it is not clear how long it will take to find an alternative server. One can only imagine the magnitude of the damage in terms of the hospital, which includes patient sheets and medical history. It also turns out that this was a classic ransom attack and not a state attack.

Hillel Yaffe Medical Center | Photo: Spokeswoman for Hillel Yaffe Medical Center

One of the attackers’ demands: a payment of $ 10 million

We also learned that the attackers left their email address on the affected servers, so that they could contact them for financial negotiations. Indeed, on behalf of the hospital authorized an outside company to contact the same email address, to check what the requirements are. In one of the correspondences, for example, the attackers demanded $ 10 million from the hospital – but in any case a government hospital is not allowed by law to pay infidels.

Hospitals are not defined as a “critical infrastructure” for cyber defense

Meanwhile, a worrying fact emerges – all hospitals in Israel are not defined as a “critical infrastructure” for cyber protection – although it is known how much it can cost human lives. Who is defined? IEC, Ben Gurion Airport, energy companies and others who receive daily briefings of the national cyber system.

Doctor in the surgical system: “We do not have computers and the work is a bit delayed”

At Hillel Yaffe Medical Center, they tried to broadcast business as usual, but it is still too early to announce a return to a full routine. Dr. Gabriel Chirardo, a physician in the surgical department, told News 12 that “It’s a little hard to go back to these days. We don’t have computers, we don’t have a system and the work is a bit delayed. “ The medical treatment in the hospital takes place on an ongoing basis, except for non-urgent activities.

Dr. Pavel Plachiansi, deputy director of the emergency department, said that “there is a certain delay in receiving laboratory answers and the situation is of course unconventional, but out of control.” The other departments at the hospital are also trying to broadcast business as usual. Prof. Ariel Ronin , Director of the Cardiovascular System, stated that “We care for our patients and try to do everything right. What we knew how to do four days ago, we know how to do even today. The computer helps us, but we continue to do the medical work. “

In Israel, it is understood that this is a significant event, which comes after the last seven, a significant increase has been identified in attempts by foreign parties to carry out attacks in the online space against strategic targets in the country. The hackers marked the hospitals and academic institutions as the weak point – and the attack on Hillel Yaffe is proof of that.

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