“Amal” leadership mourns 3 activists who died in today’s demonstration

“Amal” leadership mourns 3 activists who died in today’s demonstration
“Amal” leadership mourns 3 activists who died in today’s demonstration

The leadership of the “Amal” movement mourned in a statement, “the martyr Mustafa Munir Zbeeb, the martyr Hassan Muhammad Subhi Mashik, and the martyr Hassan Jamil Nehmeh, who died while participating in the peaceful demonstration calling for justice, truth and non-politicization of the investigation into the explosion in the port of Beirut.”

Martyr Mustafa Munir Zbeeb, born in the town of Numayriya in 1995. He assumed many responsibilities in the movement, the last of which was the deputy organizational and cultural officer in the Numayriya division. He joined the movement since 2007.

Martyr Hassan Muhammad Subhi Meshik, born in the village of Ramasa in 1992, is married and has two sons. He joined the movement since 2006.

Martyr Hassan Jamil Nehmeh, born in Africa in 1964, married and has three children, joined the movement since its inception.

The movement pledged “its fans and the families of the martyrs to work to uncover the circumstances of the crime and follow-up investigations to arrest those involved in this sinful and cowardly act.”

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Amal leadership mourns activists died todays demonstration

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